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Chapter One The Feminist Utopia in The Marriages

1.1 The Shift towards the Future―Science Fiction

The time when Lessing turned to the creative writing of SF novels is 1970s.In adeep analysis of her SF turn,Lessing expresses her own opinions in her interview thatglobal warming and the future of planet are the topic that she has been payingattention to and showing great concern to.The things happening around the world arenot the emerging thing,they are chilling.What’s more,scientists are discussinghuman’s influence on the world,which maybe the new topic for the politicians(qtd.inShu Wei 78).

The social background also provides a premise for her prominence of theecological concern.Firstly,the Britain society has been developed rapidly from theindustrial civilized society.When it came to Victorian period,the industrial capacityof England further exceeded that of any other country.People’s immersive feeling inthe technology is at expense of the environmental degradation,the excessiveexploitation on nature and air pollution.What’s more,Lessing’s witness of the worldwar I and II has incurred her repugnant feelings and she has the hatred feelingstowards the consequences resulted from the war―physical and spiritual jeopardy,the nuclear explosion and depletion and water contamination,further causing theecological degradation.What she remembers forever is that her father cannot oblivatethe macabre memory from World war I,which embodies that Lessing is imbued byher father for her father feels he is betrayed by a vile fight and becomes so petulantenough to exert a profound impression on Lessing(qtd.in Carole Klein 225).


1.2The Awakening of Female Identity in the Future

In Lessing’s depiction of the vista of a feminist utopia,the awakening of thefemale identity is of great importance,at least woman,as the independent individual,must have the ideology of ensuring her own identity and arouse the awareness offemale awakening in the way to achieve the sexual equality and recover their initiativeand creativity as well as harmony otherwise they will bog into“other”of men and losttheir“subjectivity”,the creative ability and mobility.The reasons why the femalesshould recognize the importance of their female identity awakening can be concludedas follows.To begin with,patriarchal control on woman has exerted a profound influence onthe internal ideology of the females.Since patriarchy has been established,womanhas been under great oppression by the males.Women are deemed as inferior to manfor males is an epitome of great power because of their tentum―the symbol of lust(qtd.in Miller 7).However,personally,that men take pride in their penis is anembodiment of―irrational sexual hegemony.In the scale of politics,society,economy and family,women are restricted by their social inferiority referring to theinfirm body and inability to assume the hard-working work.Thus they are alwaysfettered and are forbidden to enter into the outside fields out of the family.Simone DeBeauvoir concludes that the biological and economic aspects can be attributed to thewoman’s“the other”status(42).

Being accustomed to the traditional role they bear in the family aiming atattending to the husband and children and assuming the chores,they become sonumbed and stolid论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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