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Chapter One Introduction

1.1 Objective of the study
本文重点研究英语广告中的模糊性。模糊比其他设备应用的广告,它的生产商和广告商提供越来越多的机会时,他们的巨大优势。基本上,对冲是精确的,并没有明显的分界。在过程中做的广告,广告客户会采取对冲引进的产品和服务。被使用时间长了以后,商业广告的发展有自己的特点。它是一种很强的说服力的人际沟通。广告语言应该是一种真理,但它不能精确的技术语言一样。此外,对冲的灵活性会留下一些空间,为消费者想象中的广告,才能产生特定的结果。然而,一般来说,有少数在广告中的模糊性研究,从而对冲的研究在广告中是罕见的。因此,本文研究对冲在广告中使用,并讨论对冲及其功能的语义和语用分析。The thesis focuses on the study of fuzziness in English advertisements. Fuzzinesshas the great advantages over other devices when they are applied to theadvertisements, which offers more and more opportunities to the producers and theadvertisers. Basically, hedges are precise and have no clear boundaries. During theprocess of making advertisements, the advertisers would adopt the hedges tointroduce the products and the service. After a long time of being used, thecommercial advertisements evolve to have their own characteristics. It is a kind ofinterpersonal communication with strong persuasion. The advertising language shouldbe kind of truth, but it can not be precise like the technological language. Furthermore,the flexibility of hedges would leave some room for the consumers to imagine in theadvertisements in order to produce particular results.However, generally speaking, there are a small number of the studies of thefuzziness in the advertisements, thus the studies of hedges in advertisements are rare.Consequently, the thesis studies the use of hedges in advertisements, and discusses thesemantic and pragmatic analysis of hedges and their functions.

1.2 Significance of the study
It is totally considered that fuzziness is an intrinsic property of natural language.With fuzziness the interpersonal communication is more flexible. Fuzziness offerspeople more ways to manipulate language for various communicative needs. Eachkind of language is more or less fuzzy. Advertising language is no exception.Advertising plays an important role in our modern society. It reflects and attempts tochange our beliefs of value, consumption and life styles. As we all know, the purposeof adverting is to promote products and the service. If fuzziness is used properly inadvertising, it will reach the unexpected effect; otherwise, it will cause the oppositeresult, so the study of fuzziness in advertising language is worthy. With thedevelopment of advertising, researching advertising has been a hot subject.Meanwhile, fuzziness has been researched from various perspectives; however, it ispaid little attention to in advertising language. The fact that nobody can deny theexistence of vagueness in advertising language is clear, so it is expected that the studycan provide some insights into better both advertisers' making advertisements andcustomers' understanding advertisements. It is also anticipated that the researchperspective adopted by the study can offer a new angle for studying fuzziness inadvertising language.

1.3 Data Collection and Research Methodology
The data collection is a vital basis. The collection of advertisements must satisfythe demand to a certain extent for the purpose that the study is made more persuasive.Thanks to the development of the society and the share of information, the media ofadvertising are various. Magazines, newspapers, books on advertising, TV andInternet are the main sources in this thesis. The thesis focuses on advertising language,so the other elements, such as pictures, music and colors in advertisem论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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