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论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:学期论文 termpaper登出时间:2017-07-22编辑:anne点击率:3348

论文字数:1805论文编号:org201707211009389543语种:英语 English地区:美国价格:$ 33

关键词:Mona Lisa艺术品艺术作品文化需求

摘要:本文将重点介绍Mona Lisa艺术品的策略,并将100部Mona Lisato作为最大利润。

世界已经结束。人们靠拉面生存。奇怪的是,人类的幸存者喜欢看照片。不幸的是,这些幸存者从来没有听说过任何著名的艺术家。在吃拉面时,你会看到一个标有“ml”的板条箱,是达·芬奇的原始蒙娜丽莎画作(你已经上了我的课课,所以你会知道这幅画是多么的重要和有名)。在大盒子里面你会发现100张蒙娜丽莎海报(你会在博物馆礼品店购买的那种)。对你来说是一个幸运日!这是一个商机:你可以让人们付钱购买拉面并送一张这种图片。但你的论文必须做到以下几点:利用本雅明的论点和其他课程阅读材料和演讲材料,提出提出制作MOST拉面的策略。你如何创造艺术作品的文化需求?你准备在什么基础上做这个案子?你如何表达“膜拜价值”与“展示价值”从原来的蒙娜丽莎或100蒙娜丽莎的海报(或两者),还要考虑到潜在客户中没有任何一位了解蒙娜丽莎的该怎么办?你如何给这两种不同形式的图像赋值呢?许多不同的策略都有可能,包括销售一些图片而不是其他图片;或不卖自己的图片,但收取查看权利;或收取在多个场地查看多份副本的权利;无论如何,必须解释你所做的原始的达芬奇绘画和机械制作的海报做,以及为什么你能达到的最大化的价值主张。”The world has ended. People survive on Ramen. Strangely, the survivors of the human race love to look at pictures. Unfortunately, these survivors have never heard of any famous artists. Scavenging for Ramen, you have come across a crate labeled 'ML.' Inside the crate is the ORIGINAL Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci (You took my class, so you know how important and famous this painting is.) Next to the crate it is a big box. Inside the big box you find 100 Mona Lisa posters (the kind you would purchase in a museum gift-shop). Your lucky day! This is a business opportunity: you can get people to pay you Ramen for one of these kinds pictures. But how? Your paper must do the following: Using arguments from Walter Benjamin and other course readings and lecture-material, propose a strategy for making the MOST Ramen noodles from your discovery. How do you create cultural demand for works of art? And on what basis are you going to make the case? How do you articulate 'cult value' versus 'exhibition value' from either the original Mona Lisa or the 100 Mona Lisa posters (or both), given that none of your potential customers have ever _heard_ of the Mona Lisa? How will you assign value to these two different forms of the same image? Many different strategies are possible, including selling some of the pictures but not others; or not selling the pictures themselves but charging for the right to see them; or charging for the right to view multiple copies in multiple venues; etc. Regardless, you have to explain what you will do with both the original Da Vinci painting and the mechanically-produced posters, and argue as to why your approach will work the best to maximize 'value.' 


The artwork of Mona Lisa and 100 copies of the Mona Lisa are found lucky by the author. To introduce these valuable resources to the local residents who are survived from the Ramen, which are only currencies? However, they are not familiar with the famous artists such as Da Vinci, the tough work is refer these artworks to the residents on the surviving. Two values are two foundational frameworks for introduction to the residents which are guild. Therefore, this article would focus on the strategies of the artwork of Mona Lisa and 100 copies of the Mona Lisato make the maximum profit. 


In conclusion, to get the maximum profit for the real artwork of Mona Lisa and 100 copies of the Mona Lisa, the introduction to the artwork and background of the articles are very important to the residents. When they are getting to know the pictures, they are willing to pay to buy them or visit them; in addition, two values are the guide framework to how to make the profits; the final outcome is 1.01 Million Ramen and increased employments rates.

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