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澳洲ART Term Paper :视觉分析visual analysis:Ysabel LeMay

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关键词:澳洲ART Term Paper视觉分析visual analysisYsabel LeMay


Ysabel LeMay出生于加拿大,是一个平面设计师,画家,摄影师。她探索了一种独特的称为光融合技术,将数百张照片合成在一起,增添轻盈的感觉,逼真的创作过剩,古典绘画风格的形象,一件作品可花费四至八周时间。
Ysabel LeMay is born in Canada, A graphic designer, painter, photographer. She explored a unique called photo – fusion technology, synthesize hundreds of photos together, add light feeling, realistic creation surplus, classical painting style image, a piece of work can take four to eight weeks.

回归自然是一种自然的艺术美学选择。欧洲古典艺术中的自然,天地,在17世纪荷兰并没有出现纯粹意义上的“山水画”(Sallis,2016)。这是因为,欧洲“在现代生态学之前,自然不被视为活动目标 - 资本主义的整体性,是不允许的”。相反,自然艺术有一种“主观性”,它要求艺术活动不受室外的影响(而不是单纯从室内室外的角度),即从纯粹的“室内装饰”真正地“天地”广阔。Return to nature is a natural art aesthetic choice. Nature, heaven and earth in the European classical art later, in the Netherlands in the 17th century didn't appear in the pure sense 'landscape painting' (Sallis,2016.). This is because, the European 'in modern ecology looked at before, the nature is not regarded as activity goal - the whole nature of capitalism, it is not allow to have'. On the contrary, natural art has a kind of 'subjectivity', it requires that the art activities without subject to outdoor (rather than merely from the perspective of indoor outdoor), that is, from pure 'interior decoration' truly vast 'as heaven and earth'
According to the natural aesthetic principles of art, nature is infinite sphere, its inherent nature is that the center is located in every place, so not in any places around. In addition, Natural art emphasized that only natural is everything the original source of (including all creation), so, to keep the 'original', natural against to rebuilt without deliberate 'second nature'. Too much emphasis on individual consciousness in the process of development of today's art, fashion style, and so on factors largely ignore the truth of art, these factors are combined to form a thought of environment is pregnant original ecological art trend of soil. Original ecological art brought shock: nature, national spirit, real, and so on are relatively lack of factor in today's art, however, the original ecological art nature, the real is not absolute sense of life prototype without carve, but through the art of proper processing in the largest extent and to ensure the prototype of the nature of the original life.

Natural art is in the 'present', or 'transform' natural? In terms of creation, nature artists against most, is the nature with art violent change, but just requires a little construction on natural or retouching, on the basis of the original does not lose nature, make people to the surrounding environment to comment (Platt, 2016). This kind of 'modified slightly' of nature, is not to make the nature to thoroughly change, but to allow people to pay attention to that the common nature, and aesthetic effects of 'defamiliarization'. Conversely, when the traditional art in were asked to delimit the defined in the 'art', the so-called 'cultural detention' phenomenon also occurs. Artist is not detained himself or herself, but their works are 'art system' in custody. In this way, 'when art is placed in the exhibition hall, it loses value, gradually become the surface from the outside world portable object', seems to be only in the exhibition hall of white walls all around, art to get a 'recovery' in the history of aesthetics. Natural art is compete with the traditional art system, because it seeks, is a kind of outside detention 'culture' in the world. In other words, to make art 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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