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Chapter One Introduction

1.1Background of the Research

Reading in the mother tongue is an effective way to develop literacy. Reading is also themain way to learn a foreign/ second language. Reading takes up a big percentage in Englishteaching as well as in the current authoritative English tests, and the society puts forward highrequirement for learners’ reading competence. In developing reading abilities, both intensivereading and extensive reading are important. Extensive reading, in particular, is crucial (Krashen,1982; 1985).

In spite of its importance, extensive reading practice has little been implemented in China'sprimary school (QuJie, 2019), middle school (Zhang Jinxia, 2019), senior high school (HuangWen& Yang Changxia, 2019) and in colleges as well. College students haven't cultivated Englishreading habits (Qiao Yan, 2019) and applied it as a way to enhance reading ability and overalllanguage proficiency, either.

Influenced by their schooling history, vocational college students, comparatively weaker inEnglish, are less interested in foreign language reading. In vocational colleges, English classesare reduced and usually focus on transmitting language points through intensive reading, failingto provide students with sufficient reading practice in class time to develop their reading abilitiesand turn them into independent readers. What’s more, teachers conduct reading teaching in atraditional way. It’s the teacher who alone decides upon what to read and learn in accordancewith a pre-designed syllabus and to be more specific, textbooks. Students are required to readassigned texts with their reading intentions and interests being rarely considered. A subtleresistance to classroom teaching is caused, giving teachers a message that all is not well asplanned (Miller, 2016). Students withhold their learning power and classroom productivitysuffers. Their reading ability is not effectively improved as well.


1.2 Purpose and Significance of the Research

In order to better reading teaching quality, the researcher is to introduce the concept ofnegotiation to classroom decisions, empowering students to have a say in reading teaching interms of goals, materials, activities and evaluation. In this way, students are expected to engagein extensive reading actively and gradually improve reading abilities to some extent. Theresearch will hopefully enrich the practice of the theory of negotiating the curriculum andexplore a teaching mode for extensive reading to provide some advice for enhancing vocationalcollege students’ English reading.


Chapter Two Literature Review

2.1 Negotiation

The concept of negotiation about the curriculum was first proposed in Australia. GarthBoomer and Jon Cook are key contributors to the idea. In the late 1970s, schools in Australiatended to produce language policies across the curriculum. Garth Boomer thought it wouldn’t beeffectual unless they w论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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