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如文献综述中阐述的,许多发达国家把信息与通信技术视为教育领域改变和创新的潜在工具,所以他们在为学校提供信息与通信技术工具方面投入很多。同样, Kozma和Anderson (2002) 在他们的论文《发达和发展中国家信息与通信技术和教育改革》中写道,一个知识渊博的经济体,教育是第一需要。同时,学校的教学策略要倾向于信息和通信技术。

As stated in the Literature Review, many developed countries are seeing ICT as a potential tool for change and innovation in the Education field and they are thus, investing massively in the provision of ICT tools in the schools. Likewise, Kozma and Anderson (2002) wrote in their paper 'ICT and Educational Reform in Developed and Developing Countries' that for an economy to be knowledgeable, education should be its primary necessity. Simultaneously, the teaching strategies in schools are bending towards ICT.

And as far as the result from our survey in concerned, the same case is deduced in the Mauritian context whereby we can see that all of the secondary Mathematics educators do have a computer in their possession as well as an internet connection. They are constantly making use of the computer as well as are connected to the internet on a daily basis. The Mauritian Government also is contributing in the integration of ICT in the education sector by introducing the interactive whiteboard in the schools which is an efficient teaching tool for the educators to teach in an innovative way and bring about a change in the habitual chalk-and-talk process of teaching.

However, a full integration of the teaching tools have not yet been made in all the Mauritian secondary schools since it can be noted from the result of the survey that most of the state and private educators are not in possession of an interactive whiteboard to their teaching practice. They are then obliged to conduct their classes in the computer lab as and when required but unfortunately, this is not possible for all educators; they are thus left behind to carry on with their usual chalk-and-talk way of teaching Mathematics without making the use of any ICT tool in their classroom. One of the main reasons that may be advocated is the lack of financial resources by the schools to purchase these ICT teaching tools, particularly those from the private schools who have to self-Finance themselves to a certain extent and have the remaining funds from the Private Secondary School Authority, which is again to an extent not sufficient to carry out the necessary expenditures of the schools. Additionally, the state schools are limited to a certain budget provided by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources at every interval of the budget exercise. As explained by Hepp, Hinostroza, Laval and Rehbein (2004) that there is no universal truth for applying ICT in education; it all depends on every country's reality, priorities and long-term budgetary prospects and commitment.

Accessibility is therefore not considered just by having access to a computer and the internet but also, the other factors which influence the success to the integration of ICT in the education sector whereby it is a complex process which can be eased with the follow-up of the four stages as proposed in the Literature Review chapter.

5.2 信息与通信技术的使用——USE OF ICT

ICT can be used in three ways at schools: for educators to present, assess and monitor k论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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