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     Chapter One Introduction引言

  1.1 Background of the Study研究背景
  众所周知,中国家长和社会,高考大部分中国学生的未来是重要和关键的方法,对普通高校招生被认为是最兴盛,最有前途的学生未来的就业渠道It is known to Chinese parents and the society that the college entrance examination isthe crucial and key way to the future of most Chinese students, for college enrollment isthought as the most prosperous and promising channel for the students' future employment.As we know, the test score is taken as the only criterion to the enrolled into university, boththe students and parents make tremendous efforts to get prepared for the test.https://www.51lunwen.org/gzyylw/  NMT is anational test as well as a highly sensitive social issue. The National Matriculation EnglishTest (NMET) is one of the most important shares of NMT, which is the largest standardizednorm-referenced proficiency EFL test used as references to the candidates' English languagecapability in college admission decisions and brings positive washback to English teachingand learning.Since NMET brings washback to learning and teaching in senior middle school,it isquite important that the tests have a positive position instruction. However,only when thegood high -quality test papers have positive effect on language teaching and learning. Withthe development of the language testing, some standards of evaluating good high quality testpapers are designed, such as validity, reliability,authenticity and so on. Based on thosecriteria, numerous people have done a lot of researches on NMET papers from differentperspectives, like the authenticity research of reading comprehension and writing, washbackof NMET, the validity research of the listening comprehension and so on.Since 2006,Shaanxi province commence to design its own NMT papers,along with it,some reforms taking place in item design. For the NMET papers,listening comprehension iscancelled for taking the fairness and justice of the examination into consideration; instead,speech sound,word-spelling and dialogue completion are added. This phenomenon causeddebate among the teachers and students and other people involved in education circle, theyheld different views on this change. Some people are in favor of it; on the other hand, othersmaintain the negative attitude towards it. In view of this, this paper would do qualitative andquantitative analysis for the explanation to the changes and reaches a natural conclusionwhether the advantages weigh the disadvantages.

  1.2 Significance of the Study研究意义
  There is no fact that,in China, generous time is spent evaluating the NMET every year.While after this paper has conducted literature review on NMET studies, the paper found outthat some of the papers only deal with intuitive judgment and personal views withouttheoretical basis,on the other hand,some of the researches concentrate on the qualitativestudy of NMET without statistical analysis, or just test discrimination on some rare situation,which make their analysis unconvincing, and unreliable. Referring to the studies of NMET inShaanxi province, there are fewer studies, let alone some papers commence qualitative andquantitative analysis on NMET papers of Shaanxi province.This paper aims at investigating the content validity of NMET of Shaanxi Province from2004 to 2007. Conducting this research may be beneficia论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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