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英美文学作业:Day In The Life Of A Nose​

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关键词:The Nose英美文学俄罗斯文化


英美文学作业:Day In The Life Of A Nose

在这个故事中,情节非常重要。故事由一段介绍开始,“在圣彼得堡月25日有一个很奇怪的事件发生在圣彼德斯堡”。这里介绍了故事发生的时间和地点,在这一天,一个理发师,Ivan Yakovlevich,在它的面包中央发现了一个异乎寻常的鼻子。他不知道该如何处理它,所以他决定把它扔在街上,“他的一个想法是摆脱鼻子,并返回安静的家”。Yakovlevich认出了这个鼻子是Major Kovalev的鼻子,Major Kovalev是一个合议庭陪审员,他曾给他刮过胡子。

In Nikolai Gogol's, 'The Nose,' Gogol writes this short story in order to satire the Russian culture in the nineteenth century. Gogol also concentrates on the issues of the different social classes and how significant it is to have a rank. This short story seems to become a dream after Kovalev wakes up to find that his nose is missing. The title plays a crucial role, 'Nos' spells 'Son' backwards, which translates to 'dream' in Russian. This short story also touches on the portrayal of woman in the nineteenth century.

In this story, the plot plays an important role. The story starts off by an introduction, 'On 25 March an unusually strange event occurred in St. Petersburg' (page 1). This shows when and where the story is taking place, which is the day that a barber, Ivan Yakovlevich, discerns an unusual nose in the middle of his bread. He doesn't know what to do with it so he decides to get rid of it by dropping it in the street, 'His one idea was to rid himself of the nose, and return quietly home' (page 2). Yakovlevich identifies the nose to be Major Kovalev's nose, a collegiate assessor whom he shaves.

Another date his repeated in the third paragraph, 'The date was 7 April, and when, that morning, the major awoke as usual, and, as usual, threw a despairing glance at the mirror, he this time, beheld before him, what? - why, the nose again! Instantly he took hold of it'(page 18). This quote shows when Kovalev and his nose are reunited, on April 7th. There is a thirteen day gap in which the nose went missing and reappeared. While this occurred, Kovalev was always in the process of waking up, so could it be that he was 'dreaming' all along?

This short story can evidently be compared to a dream. It seems impossible for the barber to get rid of the nose because every time he tries to do so, he gets caught. This can be compared to a dream, because usually in a dream it is hard to escape or to run away from a situation. A constable stops him and says, 'No, no, friend. That is rubbish. Already I've got three barbers for the purpose, and all of them account it an honor. Now, tell me, I ask again, what you have just been doing?' (page 3). In this case, the constable is observing Yakovlevich as he tries to get rid of the nose, but just like in a dream, he cannot dispose of it because he gets caught everytime. At some point, he succeeds to drop the nose and at last get rid of it but a policeman catches him and says, ''Pick it up again! You've lost something' (page 2).

Dreams are often repetitive and towards the end of the story there is a recurrence of the same prospect. When Kovalev is at once reunited with his nose, he tries to attach it back to his face but experiences some difficulties because it always seems to fall off. As the doctor tries to readjust Kovalev's nose he states 'Of course, I could stick it on again - I could do that for you in a moment; but at the same论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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