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A Portrait of the Artist As A young Man :Pursuing the Harmony of Art in Life
Learn to be a Real Woman---On Feminism in Gone with the Wind
Imparting and Inheriting Culture ---The Role of Immigrant Mothers in The Joy Luck Club
Smells of the Rose---About the Meaning s of the Rose in A Rose for Emily
Experimentation and Melanchoy:Typical of To th elighthouse
Her Own Woman: on the Actual, Idealized and Own Self Appeared in the Novle The Bell Jar
The Analysis of wirting Skills in Treasure Island
The Game of Culture: On the Image of Chinese Father In Chinese Men
The Characteristics of Robinson  Crusoe
Pangs of Love: Mother -son Conflict
Causes of American Juvenile Violence from the Book of The Outsiders
Analysis of Antigone and Enlightment from Her
The Indentity  of Flowing Judas---whether this novel I s the author's autobiography
Reformation and Self-emancipation
Ridiculous Life,Miserable Death---Aristocratic Life and Its Fated Death in Poe's Eyes
The Negative Image of Women in The 本论文英语论文网www.51lunwen.org整理提供Great Gatsby
Hucklebbery Finn's Escape: Escapism and Pessimism of Mark Twain
The Strong Alexandra in O Pioneers
The Heroism in the Old Man and the Sea On the Heroism and Contradiction of Value
Her Own Analysis on Jane Austin's Marriage View Revealed in Pride and prejudice
The Spirit of the Bible in The Scarlet Letter
Marriage Without Love---Tragedy
The Analysis on Wilelm'sTragedy in Seize the Day
Austen's Viewpoint on Marriage Reflected from Emma---Analysis of Emma's Influence on Harriet's Marriage 
Never Easy to Die
The Inherent Evil of Human Mature
Isolation and Gender Abnomality
The Resisitance of Children in the Advneture of Huckleberry Finn
Rearing Children is a Demanding Job ---Something  Revealed in Little Women
An Insight into China's Indepentdent Foreign Policy
The Journey Towards Maturity
Analysis of  the Language feature of Hands by Sherwood Anderson
Long Day's Journey Into Night: A Family's Tragedy
What Saved Hester Prynne?
The Wisdom of Walden
My Eyes On Two Women
The Fatasy in the Reality--- the Feeling from Hard Times
Strick  a Balance  Between Emotion and Intellegence
The Living Rules
Noticing Details With Heart
Life Is the Fairy Tale---On Aderson  HC and His Fariy Tales
The Awakening of Female Self Consciousness
A Noble Man Fighting Against  Wars
Painful Love---Analysis of Embarrassment of Early Chinese Immigrants to America in Family and Society
The Roots of Tess' Tragedy
Hope and Perseveramce In The Shawshank Redemption
Spiritual Essence in The Little Prince
We Need Alice in the Modern Society
A Hero of Love
The Representation of Solitude ---In The One Hundred Years of Solitude
An Antihero With Heroism---An Exit out of Joseph Heller's Catch-22
Root Causes of Scrooge's Change---Analysis of the Character in A Christmas Carol
Trap in the Novel
On th Civilization and Savagery og Human Nature
Struggle and Painfulness Between Ideal and Reality--- Analysis of the Protagonist of The Cather in the Rye
Heroic Code in The Old Man and the Sea
The View  on Anti -Scientism in Frankenstein
The Green Light in the Great Gatsby
The theme of the Castle
An Evaluation of What Katy Did in the Light of the Basic Criteria for Successful Chidren's Literature
Reflections on Mannia in Moment in Peking

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