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1.1 Research Background

“History is not what happened in the past but always the past represented andre-represented”(Attwood 188).The title of Gail Jones’novel Sorry(2007)is“anallusion to a national and personal tragedy that was a source of fiery debate inAustralia until recently”(Schwerin 37)and which refers to the issue of the StolenGeneration coined by Australian historian Peter Read.The term“the StolenGeneration”stands for the Aboriginal children who were forcibly removed from theirfamilies in compliance with government policy under Aboriginal Protection Acts withthe aim of assimilating them into white Australian culture from 1869 to 1969.TheAssimilation Policy was based on a belief of white superiority and black inferiority.Atotal of 100,000 Aboriginal children were sent to institutions such as asylum ornursery run by Australian government or the so-called Aboriginal Protector.Deprivedof their native language and culture,children were trained to be white and serve thewhite under the limited knowledge they had received.The aboriginal adults mostlycould be constrained to“aboriginal reserves or tied under employment contracts,usually to pastrol station lessees or farmers”(Malcolm 4).“For Indigenous childrentheir‘families’were constituted by their entire community.This is a point of some ignificance considering what the children lost when they were separated.However,the practices of relevance to us do not require us to distinguish‘families’from‘communities’.Children removed from their families were also removed from theircommunities”(HEROC 10).The forcible removal of indigenous children generatedirrecoverable psychological trauma to them that would last a lifetime.


1.2 An Introduction to Gail Jones and Her Works

Gail Jones is one of the most celebrated contemporary Australian fictionalwriters.Gail Jones was born in Harvey,Western Australia.“She grew upin Broome and Kalgoorlie”(Munro 2015).Presently,she is a professor teaching in theWriting and Society Research School at the Western Sydney University.She studiedfine arts briefly at the University of Melbourne before returning to Western Australiawhere“she took her undergraduate degree and PhD from the University of WesternAustralia in 1994”(McCrea 2006).

Gail Jones’fiction has gained extensive attention since its engagement withtrauma,memory,modernity,the visual arts,and the Australian process ofreconciliation.Gail Jones is a master of wide variety of writing styles with ambiguousthemes.Her works have made an account for national identity in multiculturalAustralia with a fusion of photography,cinema and painting.She has receivednumerous awards for her works,including two collections of short stories and eightnovels including Black Mirror(2002)which has won the Fiction category ofthe Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards in 2002 and the Nita Kibble LiteraryAward in 2003,and Sixty Lights(2004)which was longlisted for the Man BookerPrize,Dreams of Speaking(2006)which was shortlisted for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and longlisted for the Orange Prize,Sorry(2007)which waslonglisted for the Orange Prize and Five Bells(2011)which was longlisted for theInternational Dublin Literary Award,A Guide to论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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