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1 Introduction

1.1 Research Background

Impoliteness is the use of strategies that are designed to have the opposite effect[1].Thestudy of impoliteness involves many fields,ranging from courtroom discourse to politicaldiscourse analysis.It has become a broad interdisciplinary discipline.In recent years,socialmedia has gradually become the mainstream media for western politicians to publicizepolitical claims because of its wide coverage and strong instantaneity.In this process,politicians use exaggeration and aggressive words to attract the attention of the masses andgain their support.Against such a backdrop,impoliteness inevitably occurs in online politicaldiscourse.


Twitter is an information and social networking platform through which users can sendmessages in real time and receive instant feedback.Twitter exerts far reaching influence onglobal communication,which is manifested in high degree of interaction,instant feedback andstrong pertinence.In 2007,the US President Bush registered a twitter account,setting aprecedent for US President to interact with the public through social media.During theObama administration,the use of twitter increased slightly,but only to publish Obamapolitical agenda.With the inauguration of Donald Trump,the tradition of disseminating rulingideas only through speeches and reports has been broken.Almost every day,he publishes alot of tweets to convey unfiltered ideas and political opinions,so as to interact with themasses more quickly.

1.2 Research Objectives and Significance

Twitter has undergone a variety of uses for its unlimited coverage and stronginteractivity.In addition to social interaction,it has recently expanded to the field of politicalcommunication.During the 2016 US presidential election,politicians took advantage ofTwitter to turn the social media site into a powerful tool for communicating political opinions.During Trump’s presidency,he did not express his political views through traditional mediachannels as his predecessors did.Instead,he chose Twitter as the media to spread hisunfiltered and highly controversial words.Traditional politicians are good at using organizedand embellished words to emphasize their strength,so as to show the weakness of theircompetitors.However,Trump constructed a real,reliable and trustworthy identity by usingsimple,straightforward and rude discourse style.

To a large extent,Twitter has become Trump’s powerful and indispensable politicalweapon.Although Trump’s comments on twitter are often mean and rude,his impolite tweetshave gained a leading role in guiding public opinion,won international attention,and changedthe face of political communication.Is Trump purposefully posting impoliteness tweets?Ordoes he skillfully use impoliteness strategies to express his personal views more easily andstraightforwardly than traditional politicians?Therefore,it is necessary to understand how theimpoliteness used in Trump’s tweets is different from the speeches and the way they weredelivered by the Presidents in the past,so as to analyze the pragmatic behavior and ideologybehind his discourse.

2 Literature Review

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