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第1部分:词汇选项 (第1~15题,每题1分,共15分)
1 Mary has blended the ingredients.
A mixed B made
C cooked D eaten
2 They agreed to modify their policy.
A clarify B change
C define D develop
3 The economy continued to exhibit signs of decline in September.
A play B send
C show D tell
4 A notably short man,he plays basketball with his staff several times a week.
A practically B considerably
C remarkably D completely
5 The dentist has decided to extract her bad tooth.
A take out B repair
C push in D dig
6 It is absurd to predict that the sun will not rise tomorrow.
A ridiculous B funny
C odd D foolish
7 A lot of people could fall ill after drinking contaminated water.
A muddied B polluted
C mixed D troubled
8 The room is dim and quiet.
A tiny B pleasant
C dark D agreeable
9 The index is the government's chief gauge of future economic activity
A measure B opinion
C evaluation D decision
10 It's prudent to start any exercise program gradually at first.
A workable B sensible
C possible D feasible
11 He is renowned for his skill.
A remembered
C praised
B recommended
D well-known
12 You have to be patient if you want to sustain your position.
A maintain B establish
C acquire D support
13 She stood there.trembling with fear.
A jumping B crying
C swaying D shaking
14 Medical facilities are being upgraded.
A renewed B repaired
C improved D increased
15 Mary looked pale and weary.
A gloomy B ugly
C silly D exhausted
第2部分:阅渎判断 (第16~22题,每题1分,共7分)

Winners and Losers

Why are the biggest winners in the past decade of trade globalization mostly in South and East Asia,whereas the biggest losers are mostly in the.former Soviet bloc(集团)and
sub-Saharan Africa? history is a partial guide:East Asia has a long trading tradition,lately reinvigorated(给以新的活力)by the Chinese adoption of market economics.The Soviet Union,on the other hand,was sheltered from free-market forces for more than 70 years.In Africa,some countries are disadvantaged because of inadequate infrastructure(基础结构);many countries have little to trade but commodities,the prices of which have fallen in recent years.
In some regions,certain countries have suffered by adopting misguided policies,often
under pressure from International Monetary Fund.First among these is Russia.which in the
early 1990s tried to embrace capitalism before first building the institutions that make capitalism work,such as an independent bank system,a system of business law, and all adequate method for collecting taxes.Encouraged by the IMF the World Bank and the U.S.Department of the Treasury, President Boris Yeltsin's regime privatized the state.owned industrial sector, creating a class of oligarchs(寡头政治集团成员),who,knowing how unstable conditions were at home.sent their money abroad instead of investing it at home.
In contrast,China,the biggest winner from globalization,did not follow the IMF formula.
Of the former states of the Soviet bloc,only a few,notably Poland and Hungary, managed to grow, which they did by ignoring IMF advice and adopting expansionary plans.including
spending more than they collected in taxes.Botswana and Uganda are also Succes论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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