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Identifying Primary And Secondary Sources Communications Essay
Published: 23, March 2015

The revolution that we know as Facebook was founded in 2004. Since this time the networking site's popularity has continued to grow into a 300 million active user database (This represents individuals who have used the website more than once within 30 days).

In early 2008, I set up an account on Facebook at the request of many of my friends. Many of them had switched over from using MySpace as their main social networking site to using Facebook instead. This meant that if I still wanted to stay in contact with them in a virtual environment, I would have to follow their trends and set up an account on Facebook too. This could be seen as a domino effect in a social environment.

I find Facebook an extremely useful website; it enables me to communicate with friends, family and co-workers. I have found many lost friends from my early school years through Facebook, without the website, I probably would not have contacted them again.

Due to the younger demographic audience that Facebook appeals to, many businesses have taken the opportunity to advertise by using Facebook as a catalyst for their products. It is not only businesses that have turned to Facebook for promotional purposes, many music groups have set up Facebook accounts to advertise and promote themselves. I have set up a Facebook page for my band which allows us to share various kinds of information such as news, videos, song uploads, photographs and to set up ‘Events'. These ‘Events' allow us to publish up-coming gigs onto a virtual calendar and allows us to invite our fans and friends. This is a great feature as it spreads the news about any up-coming gigs in viral virtual world and as a consequence, more people hear about the up-coming gigs.

With the vast amount of Facebook users worldwide, this surely highlights the questions regarding security of the website and how secure individual's personal data is. Security has always been a paramount concern for Facebook. Due to the increased public awareness of ID theft, security breaches and online fraud, Facebook are constantly looking for new ways to make their website and the data it holds as secure as possible. (Facebook Factsheet 2009)

An example of the sites privacy being breached happened in 2005. Two students from MIT, were able to download over 70,000 Facebook profiles from four schools (MIT, New York University, the University of Oklahoma and Harvard University). This was achieved by using an automated shell script to gather all the information.

In May 2009, many Facebook users worldwide suffered from a data phishing operation launched by Russian hackers. This led to thousands of accounts being hijacked and personal information being displayed.

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