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Tourism Assignemnt:旅游业是一个复杂的系统

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关键词:旅游产品旅游类型Dominican Republic



旅游可以被定义为服务和活动相结合,结合那些曾经去过的熟悉的环境以外的地方。旅游的定义是广泛的,因为旅游范围从假日的目的,商务旅行,和对朋友和亲戚的访问等其他原因研究,宗教、购物等等。超过一个行业,它更像是一个系统销售包装假期,活动、景点、住宿、和娱乐。它提供的机会脱离正常的生活,享受在不同的位置休闲时间。旅游通常不会提供一个单一的产品,主要是各种产品的捆绑销售,满足游客的需求。例如,有人去度假到伦敦不仅会消耗一个产品从一个供应商。更有可能的是,他是利用一揽子服务。他可能会乘飞机到达,乘公共汽车/火车去他的酒店,在餐馆吃饭并观光旅游。由于几乎所有的旅游产品是相互关联的,没有老板或经理完全会控制自己的命运(Gunn A.C. 2002, p.243).

The tourism industry is a complex system where its necessary to look at all different sectors which are influencing each other, to get a clear understanding how this system works. A helpful tool to use already models and theories, apply them on different example and evaluate them. The individual as a potential customer has to be analysed and categorised, which is ensuing a better understanding of tourist behaviour. Furthermore it helps to recognize their decision making progress for a destination, as well as getting knowledge about their needs and expectation. This essay will show the usage of these models and theories on example of the Dominican Republic.

Tourism can be defined as a combination of services and activities for people who travel to places outside of their familiar surroundings. The definition of a tourist is wide-ranging, because the purpose of travel ranges from holidays, business trips, and visits to friends and relatives to various other reasons such as study, religion, shopping and so on. More than an industry, it is rather like a system that sells packaged holidays, activities, attractions, accommodations, and entertainment. It is offering the opportunity to break away from normal life and enjoy leisure time in different locations. Tourism normally does not provide just one single product; mostly it is a bundling of various products to satisfy the demand of the tourist. For example, someone going on holiday to London would not merely consume one product from one supplier. It is more likely that he is utilizing a package of services. He might arrive by plane, go by bus/train to his hotel, dine in a restaurant, and take a sightseeing tour. Due to the fact that nearly every tourism product is interlinked, there is no owner or manager with complete control of his own destiny (Gunn A.C. 2002, p.243). Additionally, other industries, such as the oil industry, are linked to the tourism industry. In recent years tourism become a part of daily life because people have more leisure time than they used to have 50 years ago and the view of the work-life balance has changed.

Another important point to mention is that the tourism industry is one of the largest in the world and is creating millions of temporary and permanent jobs. In 2006 the travel and tourism industry's percentage of the world gross domestic product was 10,3%, with a turnover of US$6,477.2 billion. The industry supported 234 million jobs, 8.7% of total world employment (Cooper, et al 2006: 3). This data represents the global importance and significance to the world economy.
Tourism does not include just the supply of hotels, beaches and travel agencies but also economical, environmental and socio-cultural impacts. These three areas are always commingling and conflicting. There are people whom are simply interested in making a profit, other people wanting t论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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