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中国银行个人理财业务发展研究 Development Research in China's Banking Personal Financial Services

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1. Introduction
1.1 The Analysis of the Background of Personal Financial Services
With the end of China's transition period of accession to the WTO, foreign Banks fights to get into our market, banks both in China and abroad are contesting to control the market of Personal Financial Services business. Our banks will face serious market test, Personal Financial Services, has become the new profit growth point that domestic and international financial industry pursue by. Especially in recent years, the capital market develop rapidly, financing channels for enterprise increase ceaselessly, after interest rates become market-oriented gradually, commercial bank deposit and loan interest rate will drop substantially, increase in source of Personal Financial Services business profits have become the focus of the development of banking business[1].

1 引言

In the point of international view, since 1980s, on the one hand, personal wealth and financial market development the growth rapidly, so people have created enormous financial needs; on the other hand, with the homogeneity of banks’ financial products, the strategy to push out advantage service has become more important, banks are required to provide customers with more comprehensive services, simpler and more specific investment tools and combination.

In this context, personal financial services came into being as a new banking. The new business first appeared in the United States, and then developed rapidly in Europe and Japan, Hong Kong and other developed countries and regions, and now has become an important business of the world's major banks. In the past few years, the average annual profit margin of the U.S. banking Personal Financial Services has been up to 35%, the average annual profit growth rate has been about 12-15%. From the perspective of Personal Finance Service development trends in developed country, Personal Financial Services has advantages such as high-volume, low-risk, wild business scope and stable income, it takes an important part in commercial banking development. In western countries, Personal Financial Services has almost got into every family, the business income has accounted for 30% of the bank total income; in Hong Kong, the personal financial management services becomes the focus of banking competition in recent years, not only small and medium banks expand the customer group actively, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Hang Seng, Bank of East Asia and other big banks have also join the game, they promote the Personal Financial Service to higher level, by provide different financial services for different customers. In short, in today's commercial banking business, Personal Financial Services is playing a more and more important role, it has become one of the key factors of competitions between commercial banks, and it is internationally respected by commercial banks as an important part of high-profit business of a commercial bank.

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