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1.1 Background of the Study

English reading teaching is an important part of junior high school Englishteaching,and it is also the basis for cultivating students'English listening,speakingand writing ability.Therefore,students'good English reading comprehension abilityis the key to learn this language well.However,in actual teaching,the assessment ofjunior middle school students'English reading ability is still teacher-oriented,andstudents rarely or do not participate in the assessment.In addition,teachers'assessment of students'English reading ability is only measured by traditional testscores and only stays at the abstract level like insufficient vocabulary and incompleteunderstanding.As Duan Chunyun and Wang Jun(Duan&Wang,1998:29)said,although the traditional examination result is easy for students to find out thedeficiency in learning,poor examination result is easy to make students feel frustrated;The outstanding feature of self-assessment is that students can see theirachievements in language skills,and students are more likely to face up to theirshortcomings and deficiencies and try to improve poor learning methods(Duan&Wang,1998:29).On the other hand,teachers can help students learn according to thefeedback information of self-assessment.By looking at students'self-assessment,teachers can better identify students'questions in the learning process.


1.2 Purpose and Significance of the Study

1.2.1 Purpose of the Study

Junior high school students have mastered some English vocabulary andgrammar,have a certain understanding of English learning,and as they grow older,their thinking ability has been able to support their self-assessment.Therefore,teachers can guide students to evaluate their English learning by themselves.In thisway,they can fully reflect the teaching subject status of students,but also let studentsrealize their shortcomings in the learning process,so that students can reflect on theirshortcomings and constantly improve and improve,so as to promote the improvementof students'comprehensive ability.Teachers do not ask students to conduct self-assessment in reading teaching for the purpose of obtaining score information.Assessment for assessment will not improve students'reading ability,nor can itcultivate students'good reading habits.Teachers can use students'self-assessment inreading class for lesson preparation.If a large majority of students make similarcomments on a given topic,the teacher can explain it to the class in the practiceassessment or reading class to avoid such mistakes next time.Of course,students'good self-assessment can also be demonstrated through the reading class,so that allstudents can benefit.Similarly,teachers can reward students who make accurateassessment of themselves with certain materials or points to encourage them.Ifteachers turn the reading class into their own one-word lecture,the efficiency andinterest will be greatly reduced without the participation of students.However,whenstudents'self-assessment of their reading process is used by teachers in readingteaching,students will feel valued and have a sense of participation,which will beadhered to and formed a habit in later learning.

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