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Chapter One Operation of Disciplinary Power in Gilead

1.1 Hierarchical Observation


Hierarchical observation is the most ubiquitous method Gilead uses on people.ForFoucault,a suitable place of discipline should be able to expose all the disciplined objects tothe gaze of observation.At the end of the 18th century,the British utilitarian Jeremy Benthamcreated the prototype of the perfect place of discipline:the“panopticon”.The center of thisbuilding is the watchtower,surrounded by a round wall filled with single cells.These cellswere permeable from the inside to the outside,which allowed the prisoners inside to appearand be watched in the light coming into the cells from the outside.Such a setup allows asingle observer in the tower to supervise a large number of prisoners.Although everymovement of every prisoner cannot be fully observed simultaneously,the direction ofobservation is only from the watchtower to the outside,and the outside cannot see through.Aconstant and omnipresent disciplinary effect is obtained.Because no prisoner can be sure if heor she is being watched,they must be vigilant in their behavior out of fear of these possibleobservations.Panopticon achieves a new and fundamentally more effective exercise of power,only through architecture and geometry,without any physical constraints.Hierarchicalobservation is an essential mechanism because it automates and depersonalizes power.Poweris no longer embodied in a person but in a certain uniform distribution of flesh,surface,light,and gaze.The mechanism inherent in this arrangement can produce relationships thatconstrain each individual.

1.2 Normalizing Judgment

Normalizing judgment is to restrain and judge the object with specific rules,disciplines,and corresponding regulations and obligations,which is the most powerful method of Gileadsince all they want to build is a different utopia based on the Bible.“What is specific to thedisciplinary penalty is non-observance,which does not measure up to the rule that departsfrom it.“The whole indefinite domain of the non-conforming is punishable.”(Foucault Discipline and Punish 178)Factories,schools,and the army are the most commonplaces for normalizing judgment.In these places,people are required to reach some specificstandards to fit in the same model so that they can learn to obey,tame,concentrate on studyand practice,correctly perform their duties and observe all kinds of discipline.This way,different groups of people have been shaped into a uniform whole.Punishment has thefunction of eliminating differences in discipline and strives to implement punishment andcorrect behavior through standardized practice.Punishment is practice,a double reaffirmationof discipline,thus further strengthening it.Plus,reward and punishment in discipline build upa dual discipline system,creating a periodic and frequent circulation system.The goal of thissystem is to unify the discipline objects,not to oppress them,but to admonish gently,not toeliminate punishment,but to guide better and supervise the discipline objects.

Therefore,institutions like Red Center,Ardua Hall,or even Commanders’families arewhere normalizing judgment is implemented in Gilead.A school is a typical environment setby t论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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