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literature review的格式是什么?怎样才能写好literature review?

论文作者:英语论文网论文属性:文献综述 Literature Review登出时间:2012-08-22编辑:zbzbz点击率:18609

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关键词:literature review的格式怎样才能写好literature review

摘要:Literature review在写作中占有非常重要的地位,一篇优秀的Literature review能够使读者从中收益,因此,Literature review的写作方法很重要,本文就Literature review写作进行了详细的论叙。

literature review的格式是什么?怎样才能写好literature review?

 一篇Literature review按照内容可以分为三个部分:
1.background   背景
2.problem/hypothesis   问题/假设
3.solution/argumentation   解决方案/论证
4.experimental test/conclusion   实验/结论
这部分是最为重要的,你的评价应该直接反映该篇文学作品对你的研究有何意义、文学作品的强处以及弱处。你对文学作品的评价可以分为三层。最高层的是对文学作品的内容的评价, 例如方法是否新颖,解决的问题是否有意义,所用的实验步骤、实验对象是否合适,结论是否正确。第二层是关于文学作品的结构和风格的,如论述的组织是否合理,论 证的过程有没有漏洞,文学作品的段落结构有没有问题等等。最底层的是关于文学作品的用词以及语法方面的评价,句子是否通顺,词语是否恰当,有没有更好的表达方式等 等。三层的重要性是递减的,最上面的那一层是最重要的,这应该是你读文学作品的重点,也应该是你写Review的重点。
Netizens in China recently begun to rank the buzzwords on the web this year, and several of their suggestions – combining both Chinese and English – are receiving a huge amount of votes. Here are a few of their choices:
The word "gelivable" is a new Chinese-made word that is being used in English. It comes from "Gei Li", which means great, helpful, or efficient. It is mostly used in the north part of China and is quite informal language. A few Chinese nationals invented the word "gelivable" as a new English word with the same meaning as "Gei Li". Then another word - "ungelivable" - soon appeared - meaning that something is useless, unimportant or inefficient.
The word "Gei Li" caught on in China after the People's Daily used it in the headline of a front page story on November 12.
Some netizens said that "gelivable" could be the fastest-spread "English" word in China.
Now Thai Tao
This actually comes from the English "not at all", which is part of the lyrics of the song "One World, One Dream" sung by Huang Xiaoming, a famous Chinese actor. When Huang sings "not at all", it sounds like "Now Thai Tao".
This is used as a joke, but one netizen said that Huang should not be mocked, because many teachers in China taught their pupils to pronounce "not at all" as "Now Thai Tao".
My father is Li Gang
Li Gang was the deputy chief of a public security sub-bureau. His son, Li Qiming, a university student, knocked two girls down when he was driving on campus on the night of October 16. Li Qiming refused to get out of the car and apologize, and shouted instead: "Sue me if you dare, my father is Li Gang!". Chinese netizens were outraged, and they soon spread the words "My father is Li Gang" on forums and blogs, reflecting society's distaste for the behavior of children of officials who feel that they are above the law.
We have just made a difficult decision
This is the beginning of a letter written by Tencent, the largest web service provider in China. A dispute between Tencent and Qihoo company intensified on November 3, with a letter from Tencent to its users, stating "we have just made a difficult decision that we will stop running QQ on the computers with 360 software (product of Qihoo)". QQ is a tool by Tencent for chatting online. Web users reacted angrily, criticizing Tencent for ignoring the rights of netizens, as many people use QQ and 360 at the same time.
Suan Ni Hen, Dou Ni Wan, You Lao Hu, Tang Gao Zong
These phrases refer to increasing food prices in China, and a论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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