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Whether we Prize it or not: Media Literacy after "The Simpsons"


This article suggests that "The Simpsons" is a sophisticated media subject about media that forces educators who teach media literacy into an encounter with postmodern judgment. The sense of postmodern judgment for media Education is explored through a focus on two now themes in "The Simpsons": the changing judgment of personal identity and the consequences of a relentlessly ironic worldview. Icons of habitual culture can be used to teach about philosophical constructs. From its inception "The Simpsons" has posed a significant challenge to educators.

The program, which ridiculed all forms of influence and turned Bart Simpson into a wildly habitual anti-hero, initially provoked an intense reaction from the education citizens, in some schools influential to the banning of paraphernalia bearing Bart's images and habitual denunciations of the series. As the series grew in popularity- and eventually was joined by other cartoon series that were seen to be all the more more educationally offensive, such as "Beavis and Butthead" and "South Park"-the furor died down to a now on the other artisan passive hostility toward the program, at least in the classroom.

It certainly didn't facilitate the educational community's disagreement to have Interval magazine reputation the series the best television program of the 20th century, or to have the poet laureate of the United States, Robert Pinsky, praise the series, stating that it "penetrates to the existence of television itself " (Owen, 2000, p. 65). Nor did it facilitate that various teachers went habitat, turned the program on, and laughed themselves silly. 

All the more another abbreviate has been created between the culture of children and the culture of education, a poser that has been perhaps all the more more painful for media educators, various of whom follow Hobbs' (1998) target that "the texts of everyday career, when constituted as objects of social participation, provide the possibility for combining textual, historical, and ideological examination in ways that relieve students and teachers move beyond the limits of traditional disciplines and controversy areas" (p. 21). To be undeniable, there have been efforts by media educators to bring "The Simpsons" into the classroom. Our debate of the media literacy literature and media literacy sites revealed a number of examples of proposed lessons incorporating the series, from examining "The Simpsons" as a virgin variant of social satire to comparing "The Simpsons" family to other television families.

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