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Media Essay-数字鸿沟社会的容斥

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Media essay-数字鸿沟社会的容斥

Digital Divide Social Inclusion And Exclusion 


Social inclusion and exclusion brings us to the questionable topic of the digital divide .Going by the theme of the paper which focuses mainly on broadband an apt definition would be an unequal distribution among those persons who are able to get access to computers and the internet and those who are not able to (Harris, 2004). The Digital Britain is one such report which tackles the question of digital divide in the United Kingdom. Published in 2009, it is a policy document which envisions the UK government's strategic steps to become a cutting edge global digital economy. Being such an important testimony, it would be unusual if it would be without any critics. Digital divide being of focal attention, the fourth objective of the report which states universal participation and fairness for all would be the main theme discussed. This paper is inclined to examine the affordability and availability of broadband which is one of the debatable aspects of this report. Affordability essentially falls under the concept of socio-economic which includes factors not only of economic importance like income, Educational level and occupation but also social status. Availability to the technology and its speed (in this case) depend upon government regulations which would make this a political subject. Covering all aspects of both the topics will not be viable, this is why under affordability the Home Access Scheme and under availability the regulation regarding speed of broadband will be covered.

Both affordability and availability are features of the report which are interlinked. A research outlined in the report undertaken by Ofcom answered some of the controversial questions regarding people's attitude to technology. It was a qualitative and quantitative study among people without the internet at home.42% of respondents did not have the internet because of self-exclusion, the reasons mainly being that it was not a need or not being bothered at all. 30% accounted for people who stated that they could not afford broadband or even a computer resulting in financial/resource exclusion but an interesting finding was that 72% of this group used internet outside their homes. 42% of people were willing to pay something for the internet, 13% said they would get it if both the device and the broadband for made available to them for free, and a shocking 43% stated they even if they got it for free it was irrelevant to their lives. Though the results of the report give us a vague understanding, individuals given availability at affordable prices and helping the financial exclusive would enhance inclusion. But there is a huge part of this society which is not interested or does not feel the need to be online. This group needs to be dealt in such a way that they understand the importance to be a part of this knowledge society. This question will also be addressed in the essay.


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