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1.1 Introduction to Khaled Hosseini and His Literary Achievements


Due to the work of his father(Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry),his familymoved to Western countries,such as Paris and the United States,which laid thefoundation for Hosseini’s future diasporic writing.As he grew up,the occupationHosseini maintained was a full-time doctor for its promise of security.However,hewas still obsessed with writing and storytelling triggered at a young age.Once he toldan interviewer that“medicine was like an arranged marriage he grew fond of;writingwas the grand romance between high school sweethearts”(Stuhr 2).Here,Hosseini’sdevotion towards writing is clearly reflected.With different cultural assimilation,Hosseini wrote each part of his novels based on something he saw or heard,which isthe reason that he considers his works as story-telling.

Being an ethnic writer,Hosseini depicts his characters and life in the backdropof Afghan society,in which his memories are“untainted by the spectra of war,landmines,and famine”(Stuhr 3),so his novels always concern nostalgia for homeland.Generally,people’s acknowledgement pertaining to Afghanistan is endlesswars,opium trade and terrorism.

1.2 Introduction to And the Mountains Echoed

In 2013,Hosseini published his latest novel And the Mountains Echoed.Thetitle is rich in connotations and it is an epitome of the whole story.The word“And”isnot only a connection of Hosseini’s first two novels,The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns,but also an implication of“other”.With personification,the word“echoed”means neither soul-stirring stories nor inspiring events.It is a rhythm sungbetween a brother and a sister,echoing from the beginning to the end.This novelconsists of 9 stories by different narrators with narrations interspersed withflashbacks,spanning from 1949 to 2010.“Everything is linked,with each section ofthe story echoing another part of it in some way,and the end is no exception”(Argent 2).It is the story about the forced separation and final reunion of Abdullah(brother)and Pari(sister).

As the book opens,Abdullah and Pari are not separated yet.A tale is told bySaboor,father of Abdullah and Pari.In the tale,divs and jinns dominate the earth,and people have to hand in their one child as sacrifice to avoid divs’slaughter.PoorBaba Ayub is selected to surrender his youngest kid Qias.After Qias leaving,BabaAyub is so desperate that he lives as a zombie.His guilt and self-blame drives him tofight with the div.However,it turns out to be that all kids are living in an enormousgarden with beautiful scenery.In order to cut off with intergenerational transmissionof poverty,Baba Ayub leaves alone.

This tale is a reflection of the separation between Abdullah and Pari.In order tosurvive through the cold winter,Saboor has to sell Pari to a wealthy family who arethe employers of Abdullah and Pari’s uncle,Nabi.Without being informed,thebrother and sister suffer from 58-year separation.On account of their sadness andsorrow,Abdullah leaves his house to escape from trauma.From his childhood to oldage,the happiness and intimate experience with his sister is engraved in his mind somuch that he suffers from se论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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