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英汉文化差异论文-Cultural Differences between Chinese and English in Numerical Taboos and Preferences-从数字禁忌和数字喜好看汉英文化差异

论文作者:英语论文网论文属性:硕士毕业论文 thesis登出时间:2011-11-02编辑:anterran点击率:10572

论文字数:7658论文编号:org201111021032284465语种:英语 English地区:中国价格:$ 132

关键词:Numerical worshipnumerical taboosnumerical preferencesChinese and Englishcultural differences数字崇拜

摘要:英汉文化差异论文范文-www.ukassignment.org-Cultural Differences between Chinese and English in Numerical Taboos and Preferences-从数字禁忌和数字喜好看汉英文化差异-关键词:数字崇拜 数字禁忌 数字喜好 汉语和英语 文化差异

Title: Cultural Differences between Chinese and English in Numerical Taboos and Preferences从数字禁忌和数字喜好看汉英文化差异


    During my study at Shanghai Normal University TianHua College especially the graduate year working on the thesis, I am truly indebted to so many people that they cannot all be mentioned by name. However, the following must be singled out, as without their unfailing support and stimulating influence, this BA thesis would not have seen the light of day.
    First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor, 填上指导老师的姓名, for (按照性别和人数填)enlightening lectures and unstinting encouragement. Without (按照性别和人数填)meticulous guidance and teaching, I could not have achieved so much in my studies. I also owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all the other professors and teachers, who helped to widen my vision and extend my interests to other beneficial branches of learning.
 Finally, my thanks go to my family and my friends for the love and understanding they so graciously gave me.
 Numerals are linguistic and social symbols. To dig it further, they are cultural symbols as well. Numericals reflect distinctive features of a nation’s Psychology, traditions, ect.. Numerical worship can be divided into numerical taboos and preferences, which demonstrate the cultural differences of different peoples.
 By adopting comparative and example analysis research methods, this thesis attempts to reveal the cultural differences underlying numerical taboos and preferences in English and Chinese languages. To be specific, this thesis first conducts a comparative analysis of numerical taboos and preferences in Chinese and English languages. Then, the social and cultural factors that influence the use of numerals in Chinese and English are explored. Wherever possible, concrete examples will be provided to make the author’s observation more convincing. 
 Through the research, it can be drawn that values and attitudes, Philosophy and religious beliefs, thinking patterns, traditional customs and folk psychology, ect.. are the factors influencing the differences in the use of numericals in Chinese and English languages. Thus, research on numerical worship in terms of numerical taboos and preferences is significant in that it not only helps us understand the numerical culture in Chinese and English, but also facilitate our understanding of different cultural psychology of two peoples so that cultural conflict can be eliminated, and better intercultural communication be achieved.
Key words: Numerical worship; numerical taboos; numerical preferences; Chinese and English; cultural differences

关键词:数字崇拜 数字禁忌 数字喜好 汉语和英语 文化差异



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Chapter Two
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