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1 Introduction
Nowadays, form all kinds of ghost stories to realistic physics encounter, form the ghost images in the popular Vampire Diary to the public place of entertainment named haunted house, from the ghost legends to popular horror novels, form from Halloween to the ghost costume party, all of those show the mystery of the ghosts, which attracts people of different ages, knowledge levels and social statuses. People think that their thoughts and feelings are not physical behavior but behavior of the soul in their body and disappear after their death. In Engels's opinion, the reason why people think like that is that human of high antiquity do not know their physical structure and they are influenced by the scene in their dream. (qtd. in 汪纷玲173). In remote antiquity, people began to think about the relationship between the soul and the world: now that souls exist even after death, they will not disappear by themselves. Then the idea of immortal souls and ghosts gradually forms. Ghost is a fruit bared by human thoughts. There must be some relationship between the mysterious ghost phenomenon and human society (John Fiske 6). That is to say, ghost is a mirror that reflects human world. Once the concept of ghost exists, it will permeate into people’s thoughts and influence their view of world (汪纷玲 169). In addition, ghosts involve in many other parts of culture. Just as Xu Hualong mentioned that ghost was related to many academic circles such as literature, folk-custom, art, philosophy, psychology and religion (徐华龙 1). Hence, research in ghost culture provides a good foundation for research of literature and folk-custom (qtd. in 冯立32). So what’s the meaning of ghost? What’s the moral images and meaning in Chinese and western literature? What’s the relationship between those ghosts and human being? What’re the characters of ghost in religion in Chinese and western folk-customs? This paper will illustrate these questions.
2 Introduction to ghost culture
According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary, “ghost” was defined as “the spirit of a dead person appearing to somebody who is still living person” (“Ghost,” def. 620). After thousands of years, ghosts still remain mysterious to human being. On the way of probing ghosts, human produced many products of ghosts, such as ghost novels, ghost related customs, ghost art, and all these make up the ghost culture.
2.1 Definition of ghost culture
In late 19th century, anthropologist Edward Burnett Taylor found that before the religion came into being, man was scared of death. They were surprised at not only the difference between dead body and living human body but also the phenomenon of breath and dream (qtd. in许祥麟 77). Consequently, they supposed that a man was composed of two parts: body and soul. And then the concept of ghost formed. The ancient Chinese philosopher Xun Zi thought ghost was a product created by human. People think that they actually see the ghost, in 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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