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Despina and her husband Peter Angelopoulos are not eligible to receive any financial help from the state because they don’t qualify for free health care, and they are extremely worried about their future. The couple, in their early 70’s, both have a series of Medical problems resulting in them taking heavy medication. 

They own a house in Somerville and they are struggling to pay for their medications. They average about eight pills a day each. Despina said that because they own a house they are forced to pay for doctor’s visits covered by their social security plan A. Plan B allows them hospital coverage. The problem is if they have to go to the emergency room, they have a high co-pay. 

“ Medical care should not be subject to laws of economics,” said Mr. Angelopoulos. An item of necessity should not be treated in economic terms, and especially should not have a money price placed upon it.” Health care is a scarce good. From the individuals who perform acts of medical care to the medicines and various medical devices used to deal with health issues. 

The Angelopoulos' social security is at the minimum of $630 each and with the taxes going up in Somerville, they have a hard time maintaining their old home so they can generate rent income from it. They have to rent both apartments on the second and third floor at all times to be able to have a steady income. 

“What will happen to us if we become disabled and need more care?” Mrs. Angelopoulos asked. “Do we have to sell our house to be able to afford better care when we need it the most?” 

The present system seems to help retirees with no income other than their social security. If you own your home, that is a problem. 

Medicare is an essential health care program for people age 65 and older, people with certain disabilities, and people with End-State Renal Disease. 

. Medicaid became law in 1965 and it is jointly funded by the federal and state governments to assist states in providing medical long-term care assistance to people who meet certain eligibility criteria. Medicaid is the largest source of funding for medical and health-related services for people with limited income. 

Recently, President Bush and Congress worked together to pass a new law to bring people with Medicare more choices in health care coverage and better health care benefits. 

The new law preserves and strengthens the current Medicare program, adds important new prescription drugs and preventive benefits, and provides extra help to people with low incomes. 

If one’s income is no more than $12,569 for a single person, and no more than $16,862 for a married couple they might qualify for a $600 credit on their discount card to help pay for their prescription drugs. 

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