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Chapter I The Perfection of Personality

1.1 Imperfect Development in the First Half of Life


Each person in the first half is in a period of immaturity and needs to adapt to thedemands of the outside world to make himself a part of it as a way of gaining spiritualsolace from the outside.At the same time,he needs to confront various problems fromwithin and without,and to deal with them requires the involvement of the persona,theshadow and the anima.At this point,however,the protagonist is unable to properlyperceive these three images,leading to the development of a negative personality.It istherefore impossible to build a perfect personality during this period.

1.1.1 Construction of False Persona

“the persona is a complicated system of relations between individualconsciousness and society,fittingly enough a kind of mask,designed on the one handto make a definite impression upon others,and on the other,to conceal the true natureof the individual.”(Wilfred,2009:305)Thus,the definition means that personas serve two purposes:to adapt to the external environment,and to hide the inner nature.Butthere are good and bad personas,and the bad one can cause problems for the subject.The most serious problem that Ryder encountered was the dislocation ofself-cognition and inner feelings due to a wrong perception of self-identity.

1.2 Perfect Development in the Second Half of Life

The biggest difference between the task of the second half compared to the firsthalf is a greater focus on the heart.At this time,a person has a deeper understandingof himself and humanity,reflecting on the characteristics of a person’s nature thatuntil now has been unconscious or has become so.Thus he consciously frees himselffrom worldly distractions both internally and externally.Certainly,the real world doesnot disappear from the individual’s attention,it just requires less energy to cope andregulate it.The dimension of life at this point no longer rests on dealing with society,but rises to the dimension of the meaning of life and spirituality.What Ryder needsnext is a shift in the spiritual dimension,and this is the same as the first half of the lifeto start from the three archetypal imageries of the persona,the shadow and the anima.

1.2.1 Reconstruction of Persona

According to Jung’s explanation,the persona is a mask created for the individualto adapt to the outside world,but it is not a negative presence,“Thus a properly fittingand well-functioning persona is essential to psychic health and indispensable if the demands of the environment are to be met successfully.”(Jacobi,1976:30)Thepersona worn by Ryder in the first half is wrong and mismatched and needs to bechanged.The second half of his life is an important stage in reconstructing a newpersona that adapts to the outside world and at the same time matches his psyche.

Chapter II The Maintenance of Individuality

2.1 Extreme Behaviour in the First Half of Life

Jung believed that the first half of life is an important stage in the adaptation ofthe individual to the outside.But once the protagonist goes further down this path ofadaptation to the outside wo论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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