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  1 I have no alternative but to report him to the local police.
  A opinion B means C choice D selection
  2 The disease has completely abolished in this country.
  A died out B died down C died away D died off
  3 The boys looked for the ball for a while in the playground, but finally abandoned and went home.
  A gave up B gave out C gave away D gave off
  4 We all know that Sharon is a woman of strong political convictions.
  A suggestions B beliefs C statements D claims
  5 I’m afraid that your daughter has failed to get through her mid-term exams.
  A pass off B pass away C pass D pass out
  6 If you have any doubt, confer a doctor.
  A answer B promise C teach D consult
  7 The young actor was awarded the first prize for his wonderful performance.
  A about B because C on D due to
  8 The class of mammals embraces nearly all warm-blooded animals except the birds.
  A takes on B takes over C takes in D takes up
  9 The farmer encountered his fortune;his crops were destroyed by a storm.
  A befell B dwelt on C suffered D fell among
  10 He endured all kinds of hardships in his solo sailing around the world.
  A suffered B experienced C last D overcome
  11 Have you got a spare pen?
  A a short B an extra C a thin D a long
  12 We shall keep the money in a secure place.
  A clean B secret C distant D safe
  13 The city has decided to do away with all the old buildings in its centre.
  A get rid of B set up C repair D paint
  14 A ship was reported to be in distress a few miles out at sea.
  A disorder B formation C service D danger
  15 You should cultivate the habit of reading carefully.
  A invent B begin C develop D initiate

  The physicians in a hospital form the core of the Medical staff. But they could not provide effective medical care to their patients without the help of numerous other medical workers. From the angle of the patients, the nursing staff is particularly important. Nurses are usually in close contact with patients as long as they are in the hospital.
  A nurse does not study for as many years as a doctor. However, each must be equally trained. Caring for sick persons requires a great deal of patience and concern. Most nurses work long days, and they often must work at odd hours or during the night.
  The nursing staff in a hospital is usually quite large and various. Nursing services, after all, must be provided on a 24-hour basis. There are professional(专业的) nurses, practical nurses, nurse’s aids, and orderlies(勤杂工). The general term nurse refers to a person trained to offer bedside care to sick persons.
  Under the supervision(管理) of the head nurse, the nursing staff in a hospital ward must attend to patients needs. This responsibility continues around the clock, and so nurses must work in shifts. A shift is a period of duty, usually eight hours in length. The nurses on the ward rotate(轮换) their shifts. Some take turns working night duty;other work odd shifts. All of them work out of a central area on the ward called the nurse’s station.
  A nurse must always be on her guard. She can never afford to be carele论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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