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1 John is collaborating with Mary in writing an article
A cooperating
B competing
C combining
D arguing
2 The river widens considerably as it begins to turn west
A twists
B stretches
C broadens
D bends
3 Henry cannot resist the lure of drugs.
A abuse
B flavor
C temptation
D consumption
4 These programmes are of immense value to old people.
A natural
B fatal
C tiny
D enormous
5 A great deal has been done to remedy the situation
A maintain
B improve
C assess
D protect
6 These are their motives for doing it
A reasons
B excuses
C answers
D plans
7 He is determined to consolidate his power
A strengthen
B control
C abandon
D exercise
8 Many scientists have been probing psychological problems
A solving
C settling
B exploring
D handling
9 Hearing problems may be alleviated by changes in diet and exercise habits
A removed
B cured
C worsened
D relieved
10 In Britain and many other countries appraisal is now a tool of management.
A evaluation
B efficiency
C production
D publicity
11 The food is insufficient for three people.
A instant
B infinite
C inexpensive
D inadequate
12 Thousands of people perished in the storm.
A died
B suffered
C floated
D scattered
13 But in the end he approved of our proposal
A undoubtedly
B certainly
C ultimately
D necessarily
14 For young children,getting dressed is a complicated business.
A strange
B complex
C personal
D funny
15 And the cars are tested for defects before leaving the factory
A functions
C motions
B faults
D parts
They say Ireland’s the Best
Ireland is the best place in the world to live in for 2005, according to a life quality ranking that appeared in Britain’s Economist magazine last week.
The ambitious attempt to compare happiness levels around the world is based on the principle that wealth is not the only measure of human satisfaction and well-being.
The index of 111 countries uses data on incomes, health, unemployment, climate, political stability, job security, gender equality as well as what the magazine calls “freedom, family and community life”.
Despite the bad weather, troubled health service, traffic congestion (拥挤), gender inequality, and the high cost of living, Ireland scored an impressive 8.33 points out of 10.
That put it well ahead of second-place Switzerland, which managed 8.07. Zimbabwe, troubled by political insecurity and hunger, is rated the gloomiest(最差的) , picking up only 3. 89 points.
“Although rising incomes and increased individual choices are highly valued, ” the report said, “some of the factors associated with modernization such as the breakdown(崩溃) in traditional institutions and family values in part take away from a positive impact.
“Ireland wins because it successfully combines the most desirable elements of the new with the preservation of certain warm elements of the old, such as stable family and community life.”
The magazine admitted measuring quality of life is not a straightforward thing to do, and that its findings would have their critics.
No. 2 on the list is Switzerland. The other nations in the top 10 are Norway, Luxembourg, Sweden, Australia, Iceland, Italy, Denmark and Spain.
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