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1 The kinds of the oil use affect your health. 
A cause B fancy C influence D increase
2 As a writer, he turned out three novels that year. 
A refused B read C produced D accepted
3 She has been the subject of massive media coverage. 
A extensive B negative C responsive D explosive
4 Her death was a great grief to him and I doubt if he ever recovered afterwards.
A suspect B ensure C got on D got over
5 UFO represents unidentified flying object. 
A stand for B hints at C implies D indicates
6 She couldn’t judge distances. 
A arbitrate B discover C find D determine
7 One is supposed to eat a light meal before going to bed. 
A cheap B small C tasteful D vegetarian
8 Being colleagues for ten years, they have become intimate friends. 
A close B new C kind D closely
9 Many problems that bothored people then continue to exit today. 
A disturbed B destroyed C endangered D interested
10 Alex knew that he must breathe nothing of this to Nancy. 
A believe B talk C secret D tell
11 Winston Churchill gave a moving speech. 
A nervous B foolish C stirring D fast
12 Tom cannot afford to a new car. 
A buy B sell C ride D share
13 Fourteen people were charged with offences including obstruction and resisting arrest. 
A racism B robbery C violation D warfare
14 We are optimistic that the company will succeed. 
A positive B dismayed C frustrated D incredible
15 At first Mr. Harrison lost money on his investments, but finally he paid off.
A borrowed money B survived C was wealthy D succeededa
The Speed Sound
Solids transmit(传递)sound very well. Try holding a wooden stick against part of a machine, and place your ears against the stick. The movement of the ball-bearings(滚珠轴承)can be clearly heard. This is a good way of finding the exact source of trouble in a motor-car engine which sounds as if it is wrong and yet gives no information of where the trouble is. 
It is probably a good thing that sound cannot travel through a vacuum, for we are thus limited to earthmade sounds. The violent disturbances which are seen occasionally in the sun, for example, may affect our magnetism(磁力)and our radio;they do not affect our ears, which is a very good thing for our peace of mind.
If we have used our eyes and ears, we may have realized that sound takes time to travel through the air. The sound of thunder nearly always follow the lightning flash although they happen at exactly the same time. And the appearance of white cloud above a distant ship or train tells us, before anything is heard, that its whistle has sounded. Just how fast does sound travel through the air?
The speed of sound in the air at ordinary temperature is about 1, 100 feet per second, which is about one mile in five seconds or about 700 miles per hour. The speed of sound increases slightly with a rise in temperature and falls with a decrease in temperature. It is not affected by the pressure of the air.
16 “How Fast Sound Travels” can replace the original title of the passage.
A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
17 We never hear anything that happens on th论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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