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  1 I wonder what your aim in life is.
  A symbolB goal C action D attitude
  2 The father was unwilling to give his son the keys to his car.
  A reluctant B eagerC pleasedD angry
  3 Our plan is to allocate one member of staff to handle appointments.
  A ask B persuade C assign D order
  4 He could never be content until he could afford to buy that beautiful car.
  A full B rich C wise D happy
  5 A bare hill appears behind the jungle.
  A bald B humidC immense D level
  6 As they move, glaciers push piles of rocks ahead of them.
  A in front of B above C towardD alongside of
  7 When he arrived home, he deposited his coat on the door.
  A kept B located C stored D placed
  8 I beg you once again, never desert me in my misfortunes!
  A condemn B forsake C offend D pluck
  9 The government would not dare to impose taxes on such necessities as bread or milk.
  A cut B force C occur D charge
  10 Mary’s daughter showed ingenuity in making a dress for her doll.
  A cleverness B sincerity C thoughtfulness D truthfulness
  11 The merit of sales tax is that it decreases government reliance on income taxes.
  A balanceB outcome C virtue D supply
  12 No one knows the exact origin of this custom.
  A nature B reasonC beginning D result
  13 A university is an Educational institution which awards degrees and performs research.
  A carries out B carries away C carries off D carries through
  14 They all think that the price of personal computers will soon plunge.
  A fall B leap C dip D sink
  15 Large-scale security forces were readied for action during the Pope’s visit to Wroclaw.
  A deployed B concentrated C employed D involved

  Vocational Education
  Vocational education refers to education for a particular occupation. Industrialized countries have seen a fall in demand for unskilled workers, and an increase in jobs in the professional, technical, commercial, and administrative sector. Vocational education is traditionally associated with trades and crafts:young people were apprentice to employers for a number of years and learned on the job. Today the focus has shifted from the workplace to secondary and higher education institutions, and from employers’to government provision and finance. Trainees in most occupations combine workplace training with study at a technical or academic institution. In the former Soviet Union, school and work were always strongly linked from primary school. Germany provides nine out of ten young people not entering higher education with vocational training, and training is planned from national down to locate level through joint committees of government representatives, employers, and trade unions. In some countries, skills are being grouped and “job families” created so that individuals can move between jobs with similar technical requirements. In others “competency-based education” is advocated to equip individuals with “transferable” as well as specific skills. In developing countries, where it is traditional for children to work from an early age, only a tiny proportion of students follow a formal vocational program, while the long论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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