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Chapter One Introduction

1.1 An Introduction to AndréBrink and An Instant in the Wind


AndréP.Brink was born AndréPhilippus Brink on May 29,1935 in Vrede,Transvaal,South Africa.His father was a magistrate and his mother a teacher,and his deep familial tiesexposed him to literature and a strong interest in writing from a young age,providing himwith a wealth of knowledge and creative material for his later work.

Brink’s story is legendary.Prior to 1959,Brink’s life was not dissimilar to that of otherwhite children.They clung to God’s will together,heedless to the plight of the black peoplearound them and taking everything for granted.“I was still a fairly typical Afrikaans child”,he writes in his memoir A Fork in the Road.He went to church every weekend,occasionallyplaying games with his friends based on biblical parables,and received a traditionalAfrikaans education.During his undergraduate years,Brink even joined the Afrikaans secretsociety,the Brotherhood,alongside F.W.de Klék,whose members later led the apartheidgovernment,of which de Klék was the last president.By this time,Brink’s creative abilitiesin literature had already begun to show,with his first poem published at the age of nine,ashort story published at the age of twelve,and a full-length novel set in the Congo junglesabout the remnants of an ancient Atlantean civilization published at the age of thirteen.During his college years,he published hundreds of short stories.Brink had distinguishedhimself as a promising young Afrikaans writer by that time.

1.2 Literature Review

As one of the three greats of South African literature,one of the most outspoken criticsof apartheid and a social activist of conscience,Brink was a doorway to a breakthrough inSouth African literary studies in our country.Writing in both English and AfrikaansAfrikaans,Brink is highly regarded in the English-speaking world,where he is considered“as outstanding a writer as Peter Carey,Gabriel García Márquez and Solzhenitsyn”(TheGuardian,2015).This is evident in the enthusiasm for the study of Brink and his work,bothhome and abroad.

1.2.1 Studies at Home

Literary works are the prerequisite for literary criticism,and if it is difficult to obtainfirst-hand copies of the book,the study of the work becomes an empty talk.It is necessary,therefore,to look into the situation of translations of Brink’s work in China before gettinginto the main topic.Brink’s works are currently available in English and in small numbers,thus being difficult to obtain,and there are only two books translated into Chinese.One isthe Chinese version of the novel The Rights of Desire translated by Chen Chenghe in 2004,which was printed by Locus Publishing Company,and the other is the translation of Brink’sbook regarding literary criticism,The Novel:Language and Narrative from Cervantes toCalvino,published in 2010 under the exertion of Wang Hongzhang.In addition,freshattempts have been made in recent years,for example,Wang Jingxian,a master’s student atZhongnan University of Economics and Law,completed her graduation thesis in 2019 witha report on the English-Chinese translation of Brink’s novel The First Life of Adamastor.Despite the fact t论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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