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Chapter One The Research Subject and Methodology

1.1 Introduction of Ezra Pound and the Pisan Cantos


In 1885,Pound was born of a middle-class family in Idaho.His father served in theUS Mint and his grandfather was lieutenant governor of Wisconsin.In such a familyenvironment,Pound was deeply concerned about state politics from a young age.Afterpublishing his first poem at the age of 11,Pound hoped to be a poet,and aspired toknow more about poetry than anyone else alive when he was thirty(Nadel 212).With aspecific objective in mind,he entered the University of Pennsylvania in 1901.Theundergraduate and master education greatly enriched his knowledge.He acquiredtwelve languages in elective courses and discussed poetics,art and philosophy withschoolmates William Carlos Williams.Pound’s success as a poet was a combination ofmany factors.A powerful family and a solid education endowed him with talents andknowledge;traveling around Europe provided emotional materials and life experiencefor his works.

Pound came to London in 1908 and got acquainted with Yeats,Ford,Hume andothers,establishing lifelong friendships with some of them.Influenced by Yeats’viewthat the association of words is subjective and Ford’s“the expression of things shouldbe precise and objective”,Pound proposed the definition of image:a complex of reasonand emotion presented in a moment(Brooker 61).During thirteen years in London,hegrew from an unknown writer to a world-famous poet,publishing Cathay,Hugh SelwynMauberley and other works,promoting important writers such as James Joyce and T.S.Eliot.Even though Pound was later caught up in political turmoil and imprisoned,thesegolden years were never overshadowed and repeatedly appeared in the Cantos.

1.2 Literature Review

Western researches on the Pisan Cantos was early.After receiving the BollingenPrize for Poetry,it sparked intense discussion,and the 1960s witnessed a studies boom.According to scholar Zhao Yiheng,Pound Studies has filled the shelves of Englishdepartment libraries in western universities(43).Overall,studies on the Pisan Cantoscan be divided into three categories:the first is Pound’s writing techniques.Byanalyzing Pound’s allusion to classics such as Odyssey and The Divine Comedy,interspersing images in the nonlinear narrative and other techniques,scholars generalizethe main line of the cantos from chaotic structures.The second is to exploremulticulturalism in the cantos.Pound was born in the United States but spent most ofhis life in England,Italy and other European countries.Rich personal experience,extensive reading and proficiency in many languages made his cantos an encyclopedia.By studying the text,which imitates and reproduces civilizations like native America,ancient China,and Egypt,scholars add new footnotes to the interpretation of this bookfrom heaven.The third category is about ideology in cantos.Scholars seek to clarifyPound’s transformation from a pacifist to an anti-Semite and fascist,and judge Pound’srepentance and self-justification from a relatively objective perspective.

After the Pisan Cantos was published in 1948,“The Background of the Pisan Cantos”was published in Poetry by David Park Williams in 1949.He described the situation thatPound moved between论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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