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加拿大多伦多Case Analysis: Emergency Response System Under Stress

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没有准确的信息,Tse Chi Kwai是一个43岁的男子,仅仅几天前,他母亲由于诊断为流感而离开了他,她母亲有发烧、震颤、呼吸困难、咳嗽等症状;在感染区继续进行治疗,附近还有很多已被感染的患者。除此之外,阐明多伦多对处理疾病缺乏必要的准备,Kwai先生呼吸困难的症状在使用了双水平气道正压通气后得到了缓解,随后才认识到阻止病毒传播的责任是如此重大。


As some of the major problems of emergency response in the Toronto SARS crisis, the following can be mentioned: 

Though Health Canada knew about the spreading of an atypical pneumonia in Asia, and despite the massive arrival at Toronto airport of passengers coming from the Far East, no measures were adopted to monitor these arriving passengers or to alert the medical service about the risk of having to treat patient with the mentioned disease. (VARLEY, 2005) 

Not having the proper information, Scarborough-Grace Emergency after being sought by Tse Chi Kwai - a 43 year-old man that in just a few days had lost his mother of what was primarily diagnosed as flue -; whose symptoms were fever, shakiness, difficulty to breath and cough; proceeded with his hospitalization in the emergency area, nearby many other patients. Furthermore, demonstrating Toronto’s lack of preparedness to deal with the new disease, Mr.Kwai’s difficulty to breathe was relieved by the usage of BiPAP, lately recognized as responsible for spreading the infectious virus more severely. (VARLEY, 2005) 

By that time, though the disease had not still been given a name and though its actual gravity was not entirely known, medical care professionals should have been alerted of the possibility of facing patients infected, and to treat any suspect cases with all the precautions involved in a highly contagious disease, for example isolating the patient. 

Facing SARS, Toronto’s emergency medical system proceeded without the necessary precaution; once its professional didn’t even consider the possibility to be in contact with a dangerous and unknown infectious disease. 

The lack of information, other the endangering other patients that sought for medial care, also put at risk the heath of doctors, nurses and other medical assistants. Used to treating infectious diseases without the proper protection equipment, such as gloves, goggles, gown and masks, the medical staff treated Tse, and other patients infected with SARS, without any precaution. The mentioned careless procedure contributed for the infection of many medical professionals, and the consequent spread of the disease in Toronto. 

While in the middle of the SARS crisis, it became clear that there was a considerable confusion about who was, indeed responsible for overcoming the crises and what was the exact attribution of each department involved. The low synergy between the Toronto Public Health (THP) and the Ontario Public Health Department, contributed to a poor job of tracking possibly SARS infected people and the uncontrolled diffusion of the disease. 

Enhancing the absence of leadership, most of the local, provincial and federal politicians did not get involved with the crisis. (VARLEY, 2005) 

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