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Chapter I Fragmentation: The Narrative Structure

1. The Quilting Structure and the Black’s Fragmentation

Quilting is an extremely distinguished artistic feature in African Americanliterature. Elaine Showalter, an American feminist and famous literary critic,discussed the history, aesthetic meanings, and forms of quilting in her works. Quiltingis a community activity of American society that originated from England and Africa.It was necessary for women to make quilts before the 1890s due to bad weather andpoor economy. Many people could not even buy a quilt during that period of poverty,so they made quilts by themselves. They selected fabrics, cut these fabrics into small pieces, and sewed them together. Quilting gradually became a community activitythat women and girls gathered together to do.

It involves four steps in the quilt-making process according to Showalter. “Thequilt-maker first selects her colors and fabrics, traditionally using recycled clothing orhousehold material with emotional associations; and cuts out small,geometrically-shaped pieces.” (Showalter, 1991: 149) Showalter compared thewriting process with the patchwork quilt and argued that “finally, the quilt processcorresponds to the writing process,ꀝ茐on the level of the word, the sentence, thestructure of a story or novel, and the images, motifs, or symbols that unify a fictionalwork.” (Showalter, 1991: 151) Morrison broke the narrative into different parts andreorganized these fragments into a whole just like the process of quilt-making. Sheintended to reveal the deep meaning hiding in the text by using specific narrativeskills. Morrison narrated the story with fragmented and patched structures without anychronological time order. Morrison tailored the writing materials into differentfragments based on a certain model.


2. Unbalanced Text Length and Abnormal Racial Victimization

There are five parts in the novel which are the prologue, “Autumn”, “Winter”,“Spring” and “Summer”. These five parts take up 2, 49, 32, 86, and 19 pages in thelength of the novel respectively. It seems that the different parts make the novelunbalanced. However, the novel has profound implications based on this specificnarrative structure. The chapter of “Spring” occupies a great part of the novel.Morrison put her emphasis on the Chapter “Spring”. In this chapter, the authorrespectively narrates Pauline, Cholly, and Soaphead Church’s miserable fates in thewhite dominated society.

The part of Pauline’s story takes up 21 pages in length. The length of this part islonger than the whole chapter of “Summer”. Pecola’s mother, Pauline, a black woman,has a lame foot which makes her feel isolated and shameful. She is ignored by herfamily. Later, her family migrates from Alabama to Kentucky for a better life. Then,she meets Cholly and falls in love with him. They get married and move to the Northfor a better life because there are more jobs in the North. After they migrate fromKentucky to Lorain, Pauline is despised by the other women because of her lame footand poor dressing. In the meantime, Cholly 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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