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Chapter One Task Description

1.1 Background of the Task

The task material was excerpted from a Science open course BackyardMeteorology:Weather Science of Harvard University.Edx Online Open Courses,awebsite collecting high-quality courses of top-class universities in the world,is freefor global learners.Some of the courses have already been introduced by domesticwebsite and have been translated into Chinese,which is very convenient for theaudience.However,most imported foreign open courses are humanities,and few ofthem are about science and technology.Thus,there will be great needs in the future.

The course was given by Professor John Huth,a Donner Professor of Science inthe Physics Department at Harvard University.His main research pursuit isexperimental particle physics,and he is a member of a large experimentalcollaboration that helped to build and run a particle detector called ATLAS,at anaccelerator called the Large Hadron Collider,at the European Center for NuclearResearch(CERN.).The course includes four parts.For learners’better understanding,the professor has presented some basic concepts involved in meteorology in PartOne.Part Two elaborated on the forming principle and variety of clouds,fronts andair masses.Part Three analyzed some weather phenomena such as thunderstorms,lightning and rainbows.Part Four introduces systems of weather prediction.According to the learning plan suggested by the professor,the whole series should befinished in four weeks.

1.2 Features of the Task

The standard of interpreting quality depends on the type of the text.Interpretation for academic discussions have higher requirements on the accuracy ofterminology;business negotiations emphasize the clarity of numbers and views;while banquets value the fluency,pronunciation and intonation of the target language,as well as the appearance and voice of the interpreter.(Lu Xinchao,2007:44)

From the perspective of style,this task is a scientific context.Scientificinterpretation is usually with clear logic and concepts,accurate and brief languageand is often professional.On context characteristics,scientific text has fewerdescriptions.Generally,they are straight,short and lively,so that the audience canquickly grasp the key points.(Liu Heping,2002:33)

In this task,the interpreter has less difficulties in distinguishing accents andclearing up clues from a mess of information,as the speaker owns standardpronunciation and is clear in logical lines.The interpreter also has few barriers ininter-cultural activities because there are very few sentences or words with culturalmeanings in the context.Those features of the context help the interpreter easilyreceive and understand the information that the speaker expressed.

Chapter Two Process Description

2.1 Pre-interpreting Preparation

“Pre-interpreting preparation is all the necessary psychological and materialpreparations made by the interpreter before interpretation.”(Bao Gang,1996:42)Preparation is vital in the whole process of interpretation.Whether the performanceis good,to a great extent,depends on whether the preparation is adequate.In order tofinish the interpretation task more effectively,the author searched for relevantmaterials for several days论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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