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论文作者:佚名论文属性:短文 essay登出时间:2009-04-10编辑:黄丽樱点击率:31026

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关键词:电影片名翻译文化差异语境适应论翻译策略film titletranslationcultural differencecontextual adaptationtranslation strategy

摘要:随着文化交流的扩大,越来越多的国外影片引进中国,受到观众的喜爱,越来越多的中国电影受到外国观众的关注。电影标题作为电影语言的一部分,是电影第一面对受众的部分,其翻译自然是电影推广宣传的关键一环。众所周知,电影标题也是社会语言的一部分,当然会涉及到社会文化形式的各个方面,包括政治,经济,历史,宗教等。如何逾越不同社会文化背景所造成的理解鸿沟,是电影片名翻译首先要解决的问题。语境适应论作为国内语用学范畴探讨的新理论,对如何逾越不同社会文化背景所造成的理解鸿沟有较强的指导性。本文首先从商业、文化、艺术的视角指出了片名的重要性,接着分析了电影片名翻译主要影响因素——社会文化背景差异,然后详细分析了解决这一因素的语境适应论,并根据这一理论探讨指导中外电影片名互译的实用策略,同时指出语境适应理论对片名翻译有制约和延伸的作用。 ABSTRACT:With the development of culture exchange in the world, more and more English films have been introduced into our country, which have gained preference of the Chinese people. At the same time, Chinese films are favored by foreign audience. Film title is an important part of film language, and the first part to be directly confronted with the audiences, whose translation plays a critical role in promotion of the film production in international film market. As we all know, film title is also a portion of the social language, so it surely relate to aspects of the social culture, such as politics, economics, history, religion, etc.. Therefore, how to bridge the comprehension gap of the audiences from different cultural background is crucial to film title translation. Contextual Adaptation Theory, a hot topics in pragmatics nowadays, mainly talks about the key to bridge the gap of different contextual backgrounds, so this paper will apply contextual adaptation to the film title translation. Firstly, the importance of the film title translation is analyzed from the perspective of commerce, culture and art; then the paper discusses the main factors of film title translation, that is the difference of the cultural backgrounds; in the following chapter, Contextual Adaptation Theory is introduced in details, for the purpose of exploring the proper strategies of film title translation. 1 Introduction As we all known, film is an audio-visual art. This glamorous act is a magnificent gem in human history, which creates romantic stories and leads human into a marvelous land we have never come before. Looking back to the development history of film, we cannot deny that film reflects the society reality and the time spirit. As the cultural exchange between China and overseas become booming, film plays an important role as culture envoy. Film was entrusted with the mission to let more people from different cultural backgrounds to enjoy the entertainment and share advanced technology together. This is an unavoidable trend in the world now. As the most popular form of mass communication, film has accompanied human for almost one century. In the long history, film industry experiences six serious changes. From the era of film’s father Liaster brother taking black and white documentary into people’s life to the era of talkie, ever-big change of film industry has remarkable significance in human history. Countless famous film stars show their charming glamour on the screen and many excellent films are popular with audience in the whole world. Entering into 21 century, the film industry continues to develop rapidly, which is entrusted with the mission to let more people with different cultural background understand foreign culture. As the development of society, the trend of film importing and exporting is unavoidable due to the globalism. Since the policy of reform and opening carried out in China at the end of 1970s, an increasing amount of English films have entered Chinese market and the Chinese film industry has developed in the meantime. Both sides need to share the marke论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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