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Chapter One Literature Review

1.1 Su Tong and His Work in the West

Su Tong, born in 1963, one of the most celebrated Chinese writers both at homeand abroad, has produced seven full-length novels and over 200 short stories, some ofwhich had been translated into English, German, Italian and French. His novella Onthe Run in 1934(《1934 年的逃亡》) attracted critical attention as an avant-garderewriting of history. Su Tong shot to literary prominence with his succeeding novelWives and Concubines. The novel was also adapted into film, Raise the Red Lanternby director Zhang Yimou which was nominated as the Best Foreign Language Film in64thAcademy Awards in 1992. His other full-length novels available in Englishtranslation are Rice(《米》), My Life as Emperor(《我的帝王生涯》), Binu and the GreatWal(l《碧奴》)and The Boat to Redemption (《河岸》), all translated by Goldblatt. Apartfrom Wives and Concubines, Su Tong’s Rice and My Life as Emperor are wellreceived in the English world, having obtained important book reviews from themainstream media, such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, the PublisherWeekly, the New Yorker, etc. In 2009, Su Tong was awarded the Man Asian LiteraryPrize for his then latest novel The Boat to Redemption, the second Chinese writer towin the prize, the first being Jiang Rong’s Wolf Totem. (Lam,2009)Su Tong’s preference for depicting historical situations saturated with sexuality,bold female characters and unrelieved depravity drew attention from the westernreaders. For Su Tong, history just offers a stage for the presentation of the complicatedpersonalities of his characters. (杭零,许钧,2007:3) He does not aim to mirror thehistorical facts in his novels. However, the western readers tend to search the historyof the old China from his novels, which is one of the reasons leading to the popularityof Su Tong’s novels in the West. Sabina Knight, an associate professor of Chinese andComparative Literature in Smith College, is one of the scholars who have conductedresearches on Su Tong’s fictions. Her work Contemporary Chinese Fiction by Su Tongand Yu Hua: Coming of Age in Troubled Time, the first comprehensive book-lengthtreatise in English about the contemporary Chinese "Bildungsroman"2chooses SuTong and Yu Hua’s works as “cultural metaphors reflecting on the growth and futureof Chinese youth in the abnormal era of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.”(Knight 2011) Another treatise, The Representation of History in ContemporaryChinese Fiction: Han Shaogong, Mo Yan, Su Tong from a Ph. D. student of theUniversity of British Columbia, Vivian Lee (2001), also picks Su Tong’s works asresearch materials to trace the changing patterns of historical representation. In thethesis, Su Tong’s work is also regarded as cultural metaphors that “reflect on andre-imagine Chinese history in ways that deviates the utopian vision perpetuated byMao Zedong’s version of modernity.” (Lee,2001:ⅱ)What’s more, apart from the stories and themes of Su Tong’s fictions, theexperimental and symbolic language of his novels enables the western readers to beexposed in an exotic and mysterious land where they can enjoy the cinematic andsensuous world created by Su Tong.

1.2 A Brief

 Introduction to Wo De Diwang Shengya and thePrevious Studies on Its English TranslationTold in the first person, Wo De Diwang Shengya tells about how the fifth son ofthe late emperor论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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