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这个网站介绍了服务型领导的概念和实践这一理念的组织。服务型领导的概念是由Robert .K. Greenleaf创造的,他表示服务型领导应该以服务为先。根据他的理论,一个想要服务的人,必须先服务他人,然后再有意识选择去领导。对他来说,服务型的人通过在管理中确保其他人的最迫切需求得到满足来显示他的与众不同。这篇文章是在研究服务型领导和它的实际应用时非常有用的原始材料。
Spears, L. C. (2006)的《论人格与服务型领导:有效、关怀领导的十个特点》曾在2009年9月24日检索过 Greenleaf 中心的服务型领导:

这个网站详细研究了一个服务型领导需要具备的十种特点。他们是(排序不分先后):1.倾听2.理解3.治愈4.洞察5.有说服力6.概念表达7.远见8.管理9.致力于人的成长和10.建立团队(p. 18)。这个文档是一个非常好的资源,因为它构造了服务型领导所要具备的所有特性。

This web site gives an idea about the concept of servant Leadership and the organizations which practice it. The term servant leadership was coined by Robert .K. Greenleaf who denoted that the servant-leader is 'servant first.' According to him, the one who wants to serve, should serve first and then he should come to the conscious choice to lead. For Greenleaf, 'the difference manifest itself in the care taken by the servant- first to make sure that other people's highest priority needs are being served.' This article is very helpful as a primary source in the study of servant leadership and its practical applications.

Spears, L. C. (2006). On character and servant leadership: Ten characteristics of effective, caring leaders. Retrieved September 24, 2009, from Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership: 

This web site studies in detail about the ten characteristics that a servant Leader should possess. They are (not necessarily in the following order): '1. Listening, 2. Empathy, 3. Healing, 4. Awareness, 5. Persuasion, 6. Conceptualization, 7. Foresight, 8. Stewardship, 9. Commitment to the growth of people and 10. Building community' (p. 18). This document is a very good source as it constructs all characteristics of servant leadership.

Jesus' Servant Leadership. (n.d.). Retrieved September 24, 2009, from The Teal Trust: Christian Leadership World: 

This web site provides a glimpse on Jesus' leadership. It shows that common features of a leader, having a vision with a power to attract followers and to enable them to go forward to attain the common goal, can be attributed to Jesus . The author considers Jesus as a leader of a renewal movement working for the oppressed. Throughout the article the author examines the team work, as both Jesus and Paul 'refused to work alone.' The team work is also connected with the practices in early church interactive leadership. For the author, 'leadership should be evaluated with New Testament concepts of services and humility, love and justice, suffering and sacrifice.' The leadership that church embodies is the 'selfless and communitarian, hard-working and tenacious and most importantly sprit- led'. It stands extremely opposite to the new leadership concept of 21st century (Agosto, 2005).

Wheatley, M. J. (2001). The Servant - Leader : From Hero to Host . An Intreview with Margaret Wheatley. (L. C. Spears, Interviewer); retrieved 24 September , 2009, from Margaret J. Wheatley : www.margaretwheatley.com/articles/herotohost.html.

This interview is the best source to understand the present-day servant leaders' thought and actions. Servant leaders in this article show that they have to be more courageous and their actions should be clear. Margaret Wheatley, a servant leader and a writer, believed in Greenleaf's advice of 'do no harm.' She has assumed many posts and yearns for a life of togetherness with harmony in this chaotic time. For her, doing no harm is a difficult ta论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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