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Chapter One Introduction引言

本章提供了一个简要介绍了本研究的五个主要方面。他们的研究背景,研究的起源,研究意义,研究目的和问题,以及结构的研究。This chapter offers a brief introduction to five principal aspects of the presentstudy. They are research background, origin of the research, significance of theresearch,research purposes and questions as well as the structure of the research.

1.1 Research Background研究背景
它是教师的决定和修改课程的基础上,让学生易学,因此,教师教学和提高他们的专业发展是中央的课堂现实,承担责任的永远是教师教育的根本It is teachers that take the responsibility of deciding and modifying thecurriculum based on the classroom reality,in which students leam, so teachers arecentral to the improvement of teaching and their professional development is alwaysfundamental to teacher education.Nowadays, with the deepening of reform and opening-up as well as thedevelopment of Economy in China, the ability of using English, a global languagebecomes indispensable, https://www.51lunwen.org/czyylw/ especially for the young generation,so higher demands areset on English teaching, which makes pursuing professional development becomesan urgent issue for Chinese EFL teachers. They are posed higher requirements in thebasic educational curriculum reform which requires them possess more professionalknowledge and more comprehensive competence to reach more effective teachingimplement. Therefore, masses of teacher education programs are used to helpChinese EFL teachers make improvements. However, in our daily life,suchcomplain can be often heard among teachers that theoretical knowledge offered byeducational programs divorces from their own teaching practice, which makes thebenefits of teacher education rather limited. As a result, more researchers andeducators are making efforts to seek for more effective ways of promotingprofessional development of Chinese EFL teachers.Fortunately, the development of researches on teachers' practical knowledgewhich can support teachers to combine theoretical knowledge with their teachingpractice gives new hope to the professional development of Chinese EFL teachers.What's more, considering the close relationship between teachers' practicalknowledge and teachers' experience in practice, narrative inquiry is graduallyemployed as a research method in the researches into teachers' practical knowledge.Since its rich presentation of teachers' experience,narrative inquiry helps to set off abreakthrough in the experimental research field of teachers' practical knowledge,which can really benefit teacher education programs. Today,researches into ChineseEFL teachers' practical knowledge with the purpose of pursuing more effectiveteacher professional development remain at an early stage, which needs moreendeavors from researchers.

1.2 Origin of the Research研究的起源
Before I came to Hangzhou Normal University to study for the Master Degree,Itaught in a junior middle school. As a newly-graduated college student, I knew that Iwas less qualified than required. As a result,I worked hard and made use of everyopportunity to improve myself. I observed experienced teachers' classes and tookpart in several kinds of teacher training programs organized by local educationdepartment, which made me felt very happy for it seemed that I had learned muchfrom others' experience. However, once I returned to my own teaching, many论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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