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金融英语汉译的语篇可接受性— 《期货期权达人迷》(节选)翻译报告

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1.1 Introduction to the ST

With the acceleration of globalization and the gradual formation of the global market,the significant role of international futures and options markets is increasingly evident.Nowadays, newly increased traders are driving global demands, and the lucrativeopportunities for money trading are huge. But like all investments, high yields alwayscome with high risks. In an attempt to execute a successful trade, it is very importantfor active traders to consider these ever-changing markets and do adequatepreparation to make a buck.

Futures & Options for Dummies belongs to a financial English text and guidesstudent investors how trading is done and how to survive and succeed in theseunpredictable markets. This translation report is based on the translation of the STfrom Chapter 17 to 22. Filled with nitty-gritties, target readers will learn how tominimize the risks involved and earn the rewards of futures and options trading. Thisapproachable guide gives them the helpful tools needed to understand: trading futuresand options with a plan; striking a balance between two personal balance sheets;practicing strategies in time to avoid unnecessary losses; and how to executesuccessful trades. As a matter of fact, trading is not easier than the new traders think.Therefore, before investors decide to trade, it is of great significance for them to findout if they meet the criteria, both mentally and financially, and this book presentsways to maintain themselves sane and secure. Besides, resourceful websites,commodity exchanges, books, newsletters, and magazines are listed in chapter 22 tohelp student investors discover more reliable information they need to capitalize onthese markets.

1.2 Introduction to the Author

Joe Duarte is known as a financial market analyst, writer, and an active trader. Hisdaily Market IQ column involving keen and unique insights into volatile markets isvery popular among people in all walks of life. It appears at www.joe-duarte.com andis syndicated throughout the world by Financial Wire. Furthermore, Duarte is theauthor of Successful Energy Sector Investing, Successful Biotech Investing, andcollaborates on After-Hours Trading Made Easy with Roland Burke (Duarte 2006).

On top of that, Duarte has not only published professional books, but alsoappeared on various media platforms such as CNBC, The Financial Sense Newshourwith Jim Puplava radio show, Biz Radio, Wall Street Radio, JagFn, WebFN, KNXradio in Los Angeles, and WOWO radio, where he is single-mindedly devoted tomaking critical comments about energy markets and geopolitics (Duarte 2006).

Duarte has been working on the financial markets since 1990 on One of CNBC’soriginal Market Mavens, and his influential stock columns were shown on principalfinancial Web sites, including Reuter’s e-charts, afterhourtrades.com andMarketMavens.com.

In 1990, Duarte published the market timing newsletter The Wall Street Detectivewhich immediately took up a large slice of the publishing market. Over the next eightyears, this newsletter was highly recommended to investors, futures and optionstrade论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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