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Chapter One Introduction

1.1 An Introduction to the Author and His Work

As a Chinese-Australian novelist,Brian Castro mainly focuses on the livingconditions and psychological status of Australian minority groups,especially thoseChinese-Australians.Born in a cosmopolitan family in Hong Kong on 16 January 1950,Brian Castro was brought up in a household where Chinese,English and Portuguesewere frequently used and thus he had great opportunity to come across different culturesand understand different ways of lives.As he once said that“six different nationalitieshave a great effect on me and I was involved in at least three different religions”(Castro,“Estrellita”15).Therefore,under the influence of such special background and hismigrant experience,he attempts to describe the lineage and identity dilemma of thosehybrids and explores the possibility of the ultimate and authentic solution to an identitycrisis.“Hybridity and marginality are two things that characterize Castro’s writingcareer and his ideological position”(Ouyang 32).And accordingly Brian Castro’spublished novel Birds of Passage(1983)deals with issues concerning about hybrididentities.


As his first novel,Birds of Passage focuses on the immigrant experiences ofChinese digger Lo Yun Shan in Australia and his descendant Seamus O’Young.Bydepicting the marginalization and alienation of his two protagonists,Castro not only criticizes the shallow and frivolous traditional Australian nationalism and Asianstereotype,but also provides an ideal solution for the harmonious co-existence ofdifferent ethnic groups in a multicultural society.After its publication,the novel won around of applause and was regarded as“one of the first novels to discuss the Asianmigrant experience in Australia”(Bennett 145).And it won the Australian/VogelLiterary Award for 1982 beginning Brian Castro’s successful writing career as anovelist.

1.2 Background of This Research

After the publication of Australian multicultural strategy in the 1970s,a growingnumber of literary works focusing on the tragic living conditions and severe mentalillness of those minority groups which has been neglected for a long time began toprosperous and drew much attention from home and abroad.With a morecomprehensive and inclusive attitude,novels of the 1908s show an increasing concreteness andsophistication;individually named countries and cities aredepicted in much more detail,and there is an attempt to treat localmanners and mores with care and accuracy and to find humorwithin the cultural context rather than ridiculing it from outsidewith imperialistic disdain(Lafleur 504).

Brian Castro is one of those most famous and representative writers whoconcentrates on the Asian Australian’s sufferings and his maiden work Birds of Passageis regarded as the first Australian novel which unveils the marginalized condition ofAsian Australian.Just as he said that one of the motivations of writing this novel wasdue to the smothering Australian nationalism and its undermining effects on theprinciple of a multicultural society.He pointed out that“Europe could succeed only if ittook on the framework of a broad civic society and to smother the demons ofnationalism which论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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