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Chapter One Introduction

1.1 Brief Introduction of J.M.Coetzee and Foe


John Maxwell Coetzee,a white South African novelist and essayist,wasawarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2003 for his work chronicling his country’stransition from a racial dictatorship to a post-apartheid society.His writing serves asresponse to the oppressive practices that have been plagued South African life forcenturies.While recognizing his literary craft,the Royal Swedish Academy ofSciences emphasized his unique mode of representation in which his charactersremain motionless,unable to participate in their own actions.However,this apparentpassivity is not simply a dark mist that eats away at personality,but a particular modeof resistance against oppressive orders.Coetzee's fiction frequently protests againstthe political and social conditions of South Africa,particularly the suffering caused byimperialism,apartheid,and post-apartheid oppression.Themes of his novels oftenfocus on human isolation,survival,and the suffering of the oppressed.Some of hiscritically acclaimed novels include In the Heart of the Country(1977),Waiting for theBarbarians(1982),The Life and Times of Michael K(1983),Disgrace(1999),andFoe(1986).

The novel Foe by J.M.Coetzee draws inspiration from Daniel Defoe’s RobinsonCrusoe and introduces Friday,a character who embodies the tongue-cut figurearchetype.Friday,a Negro in Coetzee's Foe,is an oppressed character who lives withCrusoe as his slave on a deserted island and rescues Susan Barton,thecastaway woman.Later Friday and the sick Crusoe are forced to be delivered bySusan Barton,on a ship bound for England and Susan makes herself Friday's mistressupon Crusoe's death.Susan asks Mr.Foe to write down her story as a femalecastaway on an isolated island,but despite her efforts to speak for Friday,he remainsthe focal point of the narrative due to his mutilation.

1.2 Literature Review on Foe

Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe has been recognized as a work that surpasses amere adventure story,and instead provokes deeper analysis from a postcolonialstandpoint.J.M.Coetzee's Foe builds upon this legacy by blending fact with fiction ina postcolonial context,drawing particular attention to the complexities of SouthAfrica's political and social landscape.Foe is not only a reworking of RobinsonCrusoe,but it also is a complex work that allows for a wide range of interpretations,influenced by Coetzee's own ethnic identity,his unique path to literature,and thepolitical and social climate of South Africa.Coetzee is acutely aware of the power oflanguage and the relationship between text,reader and author.Consequently,amongthe articles and theses at home and abroad,previous academic research hasapproached the novel from several critical perspectives.

Postcolonialism discloses the fact that history implicates colonial power and itsdiscourse by emphasizing Europe's relationship to its colonies,while postmodernismquestions the objectivity of historical facts and the process of how the text isgenerated.Both postmodernism and postcolonialism investigate the process and thesubject of the representing.It can be found that Coetzee's Foe concerns the issue ofwho tells whose story,and thus invites the discussion of race,gender and the论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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