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Chapter One Introduction 

1.1 Background of the Study 
It is well-acknowledged that considerable vocabulary plays a very important role in second language learning. Vocabulary—building materials in language—is the foundation and an indispensable component in  learning  a  language,  which  is  also  proven  by  Wilkins  (1972)  “Without  grammar  very  little  can  be conveyed; without vocabulary nothing can be expressed.” Just as the most famous Linguist River puts that the  enough  vocabulary  is  crucial  for  the  learners  to  use  and  handle  English  successfully.  If  there  is  no enough number of vocabularies, no one can use the sentences and structures as well as concepts correctly and  appropriately,  for  vocabulary  is  a  necessity  in  language  learning  and  teaching  in  every  aspect.  To  a degree, it is considered that the more vocabulary one masters, the more successful he use English. Actually, it  is  believed  that  2000  words  is  the  minimum  standard  if  one  wants  to  use  the  language.  However,  with more and more new science technology appears, the modern vocabulary is being enlarged continuously. So it is obvious that the more vocabulary one has, the better proficiency when one using a language. Thus, we can see the importance of vocabulary plays in.  However, it is unsatisfactory in vocabulary teaching and learning. For one thing, the teachers cannot allocate  more  time  to  teach  their  students  vocabulary;  for  another,  the  students  need  to  expand  their vocabulary size and try to memorize vocabulary as much as possible with all their might and main, only to acquire a little due to their inappropriate method. They always learn vocabulary by rote instead of putting them  into  a  context,  which  turns  out  in  vain.  What’s  worse,  because  of  lack  of  effective  method  to memorize  the  vocabulary,  the  more  they  try  to  recite,  the  lesser  they  can  keep  them  into  their  mind  for some  of  them  are  confusing  and  hard  to  distinguish  or  some  of  the  students  learn  English  at  older  age missing  their  critical  period  of  learning  one  language.  As  we  can  see,  the  reality  worries  about  lots  of scientists since long before. In order to change this kind of situation, incidental vocabulary acquisition in texts  comes  into  our  sight.  Incidental  vocabulary  acquisition  is  a  main  approach  for  second  language learner to expand their vocabulary (Huckin&Coady 1999:190). 

1.2  Purpose and Significance of the Study 
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