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摘要:News English has always been an important material for English learners,which leads the trend of language changes. Taking News English as an example toexplore English Listening skills is a pragmatic trial.

Chapter I Stylistic Characteristics of News English

1. Lexical Features of News English
Midget words, refer to simple or short words, usually are monosyllable whichsound more powerful and forceful. It is said “monosyllabic words are usually shortand short words are usually best (Leiter et al, 2003)”. News reports prefer to use suchwords instead of long ones. As a journalistic principle claimed: “Saying a lot in leastspace.” (Mencher, 1994:102). Limited by the room for news reports, midget words areoften applied to save space and avoid changing lines. What’s more, endowed withhuge semantic category, midget or short words are found vivid and flexible underspecific texts. They even gradually become “jargons” of the press. In the field ofJournalistic English, such words are called “Synonyms of All Work(万能同义词)”(Liu, 1985:75). Seemingly not hard to follow as these short words are, their actualmeanings are various. Let’s see the midget words frequently occurred in BBC Newsreports.(1) Rwanda is backing rebels fighting in the neighboring Democratic Republicof Congo. (backing = supporting) Jul.28,2012(2) Thousands of Bahrainis have held a rally outside the capital Manama againsta plan…(rally = a mass assembly) May 19,2012(3) The interim government in Libya has ordered troops to use all necessary forceto end nearly a week of fighting…(end = terminate) Jun.17,2012Besides the above-mentioned midget words, the author also lists some moreexamples that are widely used in news English as follows:

2. Syntactic Features of News English
Due to time limitation, an important feature of News English style lies in theirhighly extended simple sentence. Such sentence are endued with well-knit structureand condensed with abundant information in limited space. To extend simple sentence,reporters often use clauses, participial phrases, appositives as well as parenthesis tomeet this target.a. Clauses Inserted in Simple Sentence(19)The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says (that) she has great hopethat an international meeting on Saturday on the conflict in Syria could prove to be aturning point. Jun.28,2012We can figure the first clause “that” in parentheses plays as the objective of mainclause verb “says”, while the second “that” in the above sentence works as anotherobjective of the subordinate clause.Translation:美国国会预算办公室在其最近的一份报告预测:今年失业率会慢慢下降,经济增长将是温和的,未来几年的年度赤字将保持在一万亿美元以上。b. Participial Phrases(20) Speaking ahead of an EU summit on Thursday, she said leaders shouldavoid making rash promises they can't keep. Jun.28,2012In example (20), present participle phrase acts as adverbial modifier to makeclear place and time of event.Translation:她在周四举行的欧洲峰会上说,领导人们应避免做出无法兑现的草率承诺。(21) And activists issued unverified video showing the wounded, includingyoung children being treated in makeshift field hospitals. Jul.28,2012In example (21), we can see a multi-layered occurrence of present participle:“showing” leads a modifier of the main clause to explain the content of the video,“including” leads a postpositive attributive to explain who are “the wounded”,“being” also acts as another postpositive attributive of the former postpositiveattributive to explain the situation of “young children” .Translation: 活动家发布了未经核实的视频,播放了包括小孩在内在的受伤正在临时战地医院接受治疗.

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