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报纸新闻漫画的发展现状:Development of newspaper comic news

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Newspaper News Comic although in constant development and continuous progress, but it faces pressure to survive and not reduced .


一方面,电视、杂志、网络等媒体的直观、形象, 吸引走了纸质媒介的一部分受众,而随着印刷技术的不断进步和报纸排版技术的现代化,新闻照片在报纸上的运用空间得到了很大的提升,它反映新闻画面的清晰度是漫画无法比拟的。

On the one hand , television, magazines , Internet and other media, visual image and attract away part of paper-based media audience , and as technology continues to progress printing and newspaper publishing technological modernization , news photographs in the newspaper on the use of space has been greatly improved, it reflects the clarity of the screen is a comic news unmatched . Furthermore, according to a news news comics are a re-creation of the facts , and photographs are not objective comparison , newspapers are now accustomed to beautify photo layout , landscaping forum comics news this feature was partially replaced , so that newspaper News comics appear less frequently. Many of the original newspaper comic column replaced by a more stylish, casual anime column. So many cartoonists find a platform to show their work .



On the other hand , as a newspaper comic news carrier, the newspaper itself is also facing a great crisis of survival. North Carolina State University professor Phelps • Meyer made it against the newspaper " Newspaper Extinction ." Scholars of the theory of rational comprehensive analysis , but the big question too sure. Since the rise of the Internet and mobile networks and development, many networks have to enter the field of print media , publishing electronic version, release mobile news, greatly expanded the scope of its spread . However, the development of newspaper news on comics not optimistic.

As it is now more popular mobile news, because it's very essence , focused, can carry , easy to read , save a lot of time for the reader . Current mobile newspaper subscription is basically a situation : the user set the phone at a monthly fee , you will receive several daily news messages. Such SMS text is refined even in the most brief statement conveys news and information, if not necessary, not illustrations , picture after accounting for a larger space , transfer the contents of the not many , so that it occupied the ratio is very small , but if a large amount of space news , mobile phone memory will not stand . In this way only the most exciting picture in order to have the opportunity to board layout , which already is one of the few newspaper comic news , but also a great challenge.

With the cultural level of the audience , raising the level of appreciation , comic creation more difficult , but the comic 's remuneration has been low. Under the impact of the anime , manga obvious commercial value problems emerged. According to the Chinese Artists Association comic art commissions, " irony and humor " edited by Xu Pengfei introduction, comic author royalties low, even a national cartoon contest and no bonus. Because comics market is not good, the domestic " professional cartoonist of not more than 20 people ." Can not be denied , the traditional comic art influence on our lives is becoming increasingly weakened. News comic role declining .
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