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Chapter 1 Literature Review

在这一章的概念,新闻和报纸头条简要介绍了第一,包括他们从不同的角度定义它们之间的关系,以及分类和结构的新闻标题,从哪进口蚂蚁位置的报纸头条高亮显示。此外,特性和功能的英语报纸头条都进行了详细的论述。由于新闻标题的重要性,它将会是一个巨大的意义进行研究这种话题。因此,在结尾部分,相关研究这个话题由国内外不同学者进一步审查。In this chapter, the concepts of news and newspaper headlines are introducedbriefly first, including their definitions from different angles, the relationship betweenthem and the classification and structure of news headlines, from which the importantposition of newspaper headlines is highlighted. Furthermore, the features andfunctions of English newspaper headlines are discussed in detail. Due to theimportance of news headlines, it would be of great significance to conduct research onthis topic. Thus, in the end part, related studies on this topic made by differentscholars at home and abroad are further reviewed.

1.1 News and Newspaper Headline
新闻中扮演着重要角色在我们的日常生活中。它是对外界的窗口,通过它周围的人知道发生了什么。那么如何定义消息吗?在某种程度上,它可以表示,新闻是一种紧凑型的总结发生的大事目前世界各地。正如它的名字所暗示的那样,消息告诉人们新的事件在所有方面,从方向对他们有用的北、东、西部和南部。它可能提供的印刷媒体、广播、互联网或连话的人,有某种影响对思想。此外,新闻是一种特殊的文学写作风格特点是及时性、客观性和公共性。由于空间限制,每条消息的目的是让我们尽可能多的信息在有限的空间。的确,新闻呈现给我们的事实,但它意味着比这多很多。正如著名的谚语所说,“这不是新闻当狗咬人,但绝对新闻当你发现一个人咬狗”(马建国,2002:12)。News plays a critical role in our daily life. It is the window towards the outsideworld, through which people know what happened around them. Then how can newsbe defined? To some extent, it can be said that news is a compact summary of theevents that happened currently around the world. Just as its name implies, newsinforms people of the new events in all aspects that are useful to them from thedirections of the north, east, west and south. It may be presented by print,broadcasting, internet or even words to people and have some sort of influence ontheir thoughts. Besides, news is also a special writing style in literature characterizedby timeliness, objectiveness and publicness. Due to space constraints, each piece ofnews aims to bring us as much information as possible in the limited space. It is truethat news presents us the facts, but it means much more than that. Just as thewell-known saying goes, “it is not news when a dog bites a man, but absolutely newswhen you find a man bites a dog” (Ma Jianguo, 2002:12).
Though absurd, thisdefinition reminds us of another equally important concept of news value, i.e. to meetpeople’s interest or any other expectation. And Ma Jianguo (2002:2) views news fromanother perspective, believing “anything that is news-worthy should be news.” And helisted five values behind news worthiness: (1) importance of an event; (2) timeliness of an event; (3) prominence of the people or things concerning an event; (4) theuniqueness of an event; (5) human interest of an event.In a sense, people cannot live without news which enriches them with spiritualfood. However, living in the modern society, where people are confronted with anocean of news every day, it seems impossible to read each piece of news in order toget what they want. Under this circumstance, they have to turn to newspaperheadlines, from which they get key clues of the article. Here are some definitions ofheadlines as Reference:According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (2004:905),headlines are “the important points of the main news stories that are read at thebeginning of a news programme”.Ci Hai gives another definition, “Newspaper headline is used to summarize andcomment on news contents so as to help readers comprehend news” (1977:1280).Bes论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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