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摘要:本文是一 篇英语翻译论文,笔者通过这种翻译实践,作者对神秘的翻译有了更全面的理解,同时也对神秘理论有了全面的理解。

本文是一 篇英语翻译论文,本⽂是⼀篇英汉翻译实践报告,原⽂选⾃美国推理⼩说作家伊丽莎⽩·斯潘·克雷格(Elizabeth Spann Craig)的畅销作品《阁楼谜案》(A Body in the Attic)前四章节内容。

Chapter One Task Description

1.1 Background


The translation material for the practice report is selected from an Americanmystery,named A Body in the Attic,written by Elizabeth Spann Craig,thecontemporary bestselling cozy mystery novelist in the United States.The text to betranslated is extracted from the first four chapters with a total of 15,000 words,whichis mainly told the initial investigation process after the unexpected murder occurred inthe attic,as well as the complicated relationship between the characters associatedwith the victim.It is noteworthy that the process of translating the original text ischallenging and intriguing due to the discursive style of the story with a profusion ofconversations between the protagonists.

This novel leaves a deep impression on the author not only for the exquisiteprofile on the Amazon website but more importantly,the genre it belongs to ismesmerizing,that is,cozy mystery.According to the author’s research,one of thebiggest parameters in a cozy mystery is how it sounds to the reader.Herein lies thetone,which is easy to describe but hard to measure.Cozy gives,as the title suggests,a cozy feeling when reading.In other words,it’s a light and breezy read.Given theunique features of this novel,the author decides to apply the Skopos Theory inguiding the translation work for the Skopos Theory focuses on translation as anactivity with an aim and on the intended readers,which enables the author to winnowthe proper translation strategies and skills,and thereby providing enjoyable readingexperience as much as possible.On this basis,it is actually a time-consuming andfiddly job to represent the characters and writing style by a big margin,andconsequently quite a few troubles and problems are recognized in practice that need for further consideration.

1.2 Translation Process

Aiming at a high-quality translation project,the author makes a deliberate effortat understanding and translating the novel and regards it as a long unfaltering journey.There are three parts in this chapter of three periods within the entire translationprocess,including pre-translation,while-translation and post-translation.


A common saying goes,“Well begun is half done.”The truth remains when itcomes to translation.The importance of making sufficient preparations cannot beoveremphasized.Yet,like another old saying goes,Roma wasn’t built in a day.Itmeans such huge preparations cannot be achieved overnight.Several steps the authortakes before translation are listed as follows.

First of all,the author has read the mystery A Body in the Attic from beginning tothe end,to take a panoramic view of the story.It is crucial that the author hasadequate knowledge of the circumstances of the murder,including the identity andrelationship of the victim.In the next place,priority ought to be given to probe intofurther information on the life of Elizabeth Spann Craig.The author explores thewriting background of her series novels and searches the details of Craig on websites.Then it is found that there is a public website for Elizabeth Spann Craig filled withher own series of works and personal论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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