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关键词:European chemicals扁胎科学家German chemicals工业化德国


对于已经宣布离开的首席执行官来说,他的公司股价迅速飙升是一件很苦涩的事情。但是这一切在朗盛公司上演着,这是一家德国主营化工产品的企业,他们在本周之内宣布Axel Heitmann会离开公司。自从朗盛公司在二零零四年从拜耳公事分离出来以后,他就一直主管这家公司的运营。在最开始的几年之内股价的涨势很好,并且是在经历了财政危机之后强势恢复,但是后期的公司业绩出现了下滑。朗盛公司以及Heitmann先生做出离开的选择是相互决定的。

为了找到可以替换他的人,朗盛公司找回了默克(与美国同名无关),主要负责担任首席财务主管负责监管降低成本的前任首席执行官Matthias Zachert。投资者会记住他的:在消息发布之后,默克公司的股价下跌了10%,与此同时朗盛公司却几乎上涨了相同比例。

IT IS always bitter for a chief executive to see his company’s shares spike when his departure is announced. But that is what happened when Lanxess, a German chemicals producer, said this week that Axel Heitmann would be leaving. He has run the business since it was spun off from Bayer, a pharmaceuticals and chemicals group, in 2004. Its shares did well in the early years, and recovered strongly after the financial crisis, but they have slid in the past year. Lanxess says the decision for Mr Heitmann to go was mutual.

To replace him, Lanxess brought back Matthias Zachert, a former executive who has recently been overseeing a cost-cutting drive as chief financial officer of Merck, a German pharma firm (unrelated to its American namesake). Investors think well of him: Merck’s shares fell by 10% on the news, as Lanxess’s rose by almost as much.

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To some extent Mr Heitmann was the victim of his own optimistic spiel. The departing boss, a chemist, talked about escaping the fierce competition in global chemicals markets by spending plenty on research to create high-margin specialty products. He pointed (as every modern boss must) to “megatrends” like urbanisation and population growth, arguing that the future world would need Lanxess’s sophisticated chemicals to improve crop yields, for example, and make cars lighter and more fuel-efficient.

But Lanxess depends heavily on one of the European economy’s weakest sectors: it gets 25% of its revenues from tyres, and 15% from other car parts. Sales of new cars in the EU have dropped for six straight years; and motorists are driving less, so they need fewer replacement tyres. The “temporary weakness”, as Mr Heitmann called it last autumn, has taken its toll.

It was also hit from the supply side. Martin Evans of J.P. Morgan, an investment bank, explains that when Lanxess’s synthetic-rubber business was going well, it invested a lot in more capacity—only to see Chinese and other competitors also plunging in, causing a surge in supply and a resulting fall in prices.

Another analyst, Stephan Kippe of Commerzbank, says that at least under Mr Heitmann the company has built a promising suite of products; what it needs now is a disciplined manager to cut costs. That is where Mr Zachert comes in: Mr Kippe thinks that whereas the departing boss talked of shedding 1,000 or so jobs (of a total workforce of 17,500), the new chief will be more “radical”.

He will need to be. The German chemicals industry has been flat in recent years, even as the rest of the economy has grown. Mr论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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