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中国和英国文化差异及翻译 The Differences of Chinese and English Culture and Translation

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中国和英国文化差异及翻译 The Differences of Chinese and English Culture and Translation


Culture contains many aspects . Language can even reflect a distinguishing place or nation among culture .That is to say language can show this cultural deposits . The Chinese culture has extensive knowledge and is greatly different from the western countries . It's not a easy task for translator to fully display the greatness of culture of Chinese and western has the certain difference which leads to some phenomena . That the same object has different meaning in different language . Therefore , when we translate , we must accomplish right understand -ing differences between English culture and Chinese culture , or it will influence a right translation . If there is nothing wrong with the content of translation , it will give you a good feast . The cultural background of English language and Chinese language have great difference , letter is the same but some words have sense implicits . Normally , writers express their real emotion that contain the common sense implicts . So when we translate , we must pay attention to it .

2.The main performance of the differences between English and Chinese culture

2.1 Different customs 
The English customs and Chinese customs have many different aspects . Especially reflecting in some festivals . In China , such as the Spring Festival , Mid-autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival , in this there festivals the families can both have dinner and chat with each other . And some men that rtavel in a place far away from home or country can both think fondly of their own home and families . But in western , it seems that this kind of festivals also great difference .
Chinese and British are both raise pet . But it has great contradiction that how they treat their pet . In Chinese's eyes pig is usually very dirty animal . Its use usually are estible by people when growing up . But in Britain or other western countries , people can treat pig as pet , because they think pigs are very lovely . Even sometimes when they describe someone who is very lovely , they will say him like a pig . But in Chinese people's opinion , the behavior can not be understand . However , the view appears to be turn good in recently years . With the improvement of living standard , more and more Chinese families keep pets and grow flowers at home , most of them will regard dog as their pet . For they thought that dogs can look after the home for them and dogs are faithfulness . But the status of dogs still remains low . Chinese people usually use dogs to describe somebody who is fawn on others and listen to others or they will say words like "evil associates" . "Brutal and cold blooded" . But English people look on dogs as their friends . Because they considered that dogs can make sense of personalities . In English phrases , most words referred to dogs aren't negative . For instance , if they want to express someone lucky , they will say "You are a lucky dog". And "Love me , love my dogs" is another instannce . Thus it can be seen , in English people's opinions , dogs are equal to people in status .
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