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Chapter 1 Introduction to the Translation Project

1.1 Text Selection

The source text of this translation project is extracted from the book LatinosFacing Racism,which contains seven chapters.The translator chose the fifth chapter,“Affirmative Action Programs:Latino Opposition and Support”for this translationproject.Because the affirmative action improves the socio-economic situation ofethnic minorities and eliminates racial and gender discrimination,which they face infields such as employment and education.The book has not appeared in Chinese sinceit was published by Routledge in 2014.This translation project totals approximately9,000 words in the source English text and 16,000 Chinese characters.

The book was authored by Joe R.Feagin and JoséA.Cobas.Feagin is arenowned American sociologist and theorist who has conducted research on racismand sexism for over forty years and served as a scholar in residence at the UnitedStates Commission on Civil Rights.Besides,he has written more than seventy booksand over two hundred research articles in the field of race,gender and urban issues.Inaddition,Cobas,also a sociologist,is a professor of Sociology at Arizona StateUniversity and co-author with Feagin of another book,The White Racial Frame.Hehas also published Language Oppression and Resistance:Latinos in the United Statesin the field of ethnicity and race.


1.2 Type and Characteristics of the Source Text

Peter Newmark,in his book Approaches to Translation,divides texts into threemain categories based on different content and style:expressive text,informative textand vocative text.

Expressive texts,such as serious and imaginative literary works,focus on thespeaker’s or author’s own expression and emphasize the authority of the author.Thecore of informative texts is the accuracy of the content and the objective contentportrayed by the language,while the author’s writing style is of secondary importance.And it is used in industry,agriculture,business,education,science and technology andother fields.Vocative text is reader-centered,and the purpose of the kind of text is tocall on the reader to act,think and feel,such as advertisements and brochures,etc.Accordingly,the source text in this report is an academic monograph in the socialsciences,which has an objective and authentic character and is consistent withinformative text.

In addition,the theme of the source text is relatively professional and involvesmany rigorous and specialized vocabulary and sociological terms at the lexical level,such as“Affirmative Action Program”,“Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters”,“racialized framing”,“system of Jim Crow segregation”,etc.Therefore,the translatormust have sufficient background knowledge to reproduce the source text,and strivefor an accurate and scientifically standardized translation.At the syntactic level,different from the habit of making good use of short sentences in Chinese,the sourcetext has more complicated and difficult sentences,such as:“Not surprisingly,giventhe past history of white resistance to racial change,these executive orders and otherequal opportunity measures implemented or begun in the 1960s to remedydiscrimination,especially those termed‘affirmative action’,elicited heated dispu论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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