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On Translation of Tourist Material [8]

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Italy. Example1: 故宫耗时14年,整个工程于1420年结束。 If the version is for Northern America, it can be translated in the following way: Version1: “The construction of the Forbidden City took 14 years, and was finished in 1420, 72 years before Christopher Columbus discovered the New World” If the version is for Europe, then it can be translated in the following way: Version2: “The construction of the Forbidden City took 14 years, and was finished in 1420, 14 years before William Shakespeare was born.” In this way, the Chinese history is connected with the persons or things that foreign visitors are familiar with. Then it’s easy for them to understand the alien history. Example 2: 浙江兰溪有一济公纪念馆,里面写着:“济公劫富济贫,深受穷苦人民爱戴”。 “Jigong, Robin Hood in China, robbed the rich and helped the poor.” Here, the image of 济公 is transferred into Robin Hood. When foreign readers read this, they surely feel dear and familiar and easily see the reason why Chinese people like him so much. 5.4 Deletion Deletions are usually applied to the quoted content of literal quotations. In tourist introduction, normally poetry, folklore, classics are quoted. These artistic creations are the art treasure characterized by the Chinese nation. Using them in Chinese introduction can surely add beauty and vividness, which can deepen readers’ impression of the content so as to enable them to appreciate the beauty more effectively. Nevertheless, sometimes things may not be the same case with foreigners due to different ideas, and aesthetic standards. They always feel hard to appreciate the beauty and will lose interest in reading. For translators, translating poetry itself presents a challenging job and the Chinese legends and classics are hard to give a clear account of cause and effect within the limited space. Example 1: 这些山峰,连同山上绿竹翠柳,岸边的村民农舍,时而化入天际,真是“果然佳胜在兴坪”。 “These hills and the green bamboo and willows and farm houses merge with their reflections in the river and lead visitors to a dreamy world.” With the last sentence omitted, the version reads naturally and smoothly. In Chinese the quotation of the line is fit to the situation. Were it translated into English, the beauty of the scenery would get spoiled and the message dispersed. Example 2: 华清池内有一贵妃池,相传是杨贵妃当年沐浴的地方。唐代诗人白居易的《长恨歌》中有:“春寒赐浴华清池,温泉水滑洗凝脂”的诗句。 Inside the Huachingchih Spring, there is a bathing pool called Kueifeichih which is said to have been the bathing place of Yang Kweifei. The famous poet Po chu-1 of the Tang Dynasty wrote “The Ballad of Endless Woe” which contains the following verses: “T was in the chilly springtime They bathed in Huaching lake And in the tepid waters The crusted winter slack.” The poem of the English version is identical in form with that of Chinese, but the question is: Can foreigners accept such translations? This introduction merely tells about the bathing place in which Yang Guifei once bathed. If we say Bai Juyi’s two famous lines remind us of the rarely-seen beauty of Yang Guifei, yet to English readers, what they may learn from the lines is nothing but the message of bathing. Thus speaking, what’s the use of translating this? What’s more, what do the translated lines refer to? The last sentence clearly misleads readers. No doubt, the translator cudgeled his brains to translate, yet it reads flat and insipid. It would be wise not to do such thankless job. 5.5 Paraphrase When the words, phrases, sentences in the original are too difficult to understand, paraphrase should b论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。
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